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  1. VMWare Tools in a Kali Guest
  2. Troubleshooting Wireless Drivers
  3. How To Make A Valid Thread
  4. What should and shouldn't be posted in the 'Troubleshooting' section of the forum
  5. 802.11 Recommended Wireless Cards
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  7. Troubleshooting - Repository Issues
  8. Troubleshooting - Wireless Cards
  9. Troubleshooting - Internet/Network Access
  10. Troubleshooting - Installing Kali-Linux
  11. Temporary failure in name resolution
  12. Unable to sudo apt-get update keep getting Release file is not valid yet.
  13. Kali Linux in Azure Windows 2019 server Hyper-v
  14. Kali Linux Stopped working on Hyper-V after dist-upgrade
  15. Kali Linux does not detect networks via TL-WN8200ND V3
  16. In my Kali Linux it shows loading symbol on the internet section.
  17. big troubleshooting with apt full-upgrade
  18. using CyberGhostvpn with Kali : issue
  19. Unattended Upgrades Not Refreshing APT
  20. Update Error
  21. Wlan0 missing is seen empty
  22. Kali crashes after startup
  23. Installation stopped
  24. New unknown network connection?
  25. Help with this error please
  26. pass not working
  27. Bad screen resolution while booting
  28. Kali and Python pip error: externally-managed-environment
  29. DW1560 WiFi card on Kali
  30. date date format in command history
  31. Stuck on dragon logo
  32. apt update error help
  33. Live Persistence and Saving Data Question
  34. Kali Linux boot / start in Virtualbox error
  35. An unexpected error occurred, redirecting to the menu
  36. Wifi works but no led light
  37. SOLVED: Alfa AWUS036ACM & Kali 2022.4 on VB
  38. Kali Linux reboot/shutdown issues (Nvidia/Noveau)
  39. airmon-ng check kill, VNC and SSH will not be able to remote control
  40. Enable Under OR If you are unable to come out of UnderCover mode
  41. Custom MariaDB datadir on Kali 2023.1
  42. Kali Linux display brightness not increasing/decreasing.
  43. Kali Linux 2023.1 Hyper-V VM - lightdm.service error on first start after installation
  44. Kali time synchronization: ntpsec, "Time and Date" settings, and general sync approach
  45. Virtual Box Network Connection
  46. Kali didn't let me choose where to install grub bootloader
  47. Kali linux USB will only boot to GNU Grub
  48. Kali detects USB wireless adapter, but no wireless networks shown
  49. apt-get update issue
  50. Unable to install lsb package
  51. Intel Video Updates break Kali Linux 2023.1
  52. Recovering deleted data
  53. Kali Purple screen reverts to login
  54. No wifi help ive fresh installed 3 diffrent distros and back on kali
  55. BDFPROXY "No module named libmproxy" problem
  56. Installing AMDGPU in Kali Linux Kernel 6.1.0-kali5-amd64; make error...
  57. Kali Purple logs out
  58. Can't use password in Kali Linux after changing username
  59. since kernel 6.1.0 secure boot is stuck in busybox in initramfs
  60. What does this mean, will not update or get apps..
  61. Social Engineering Tool SET not sending the Spam Email
  62. Please help! I am new to kali linux and my kali linux 2023.1 boot menu missing after reboot.
  63. after upgrading to the newest version of kali, the bluetooth will not connect
  64. No Sound Problem In Kali 2023.1
  65. Sound sizzling/distorsion
  66. Usb bootable bios
  67. Determine ESSID & BSSID of my Network
  68. Tools I've never opened are broken!
  69. shutdown leads to reboot
  70. Kali not having a directory existing
  71. [Question] How to enable scrolling in Kali Linux & Terminator?
  72. Can't complete Kali Linux Docker installation due to 'atp update' failures
  73. Can't update. Are there repo locations other than /etc/apt/sources.list?
  74. Text editor opening documents by default
  75. RTL8812AU Question
  76. Fern Wifi Cracker
  77. Not able to update Kali
  78. Kali header installation error on VMWare workstation
  79. Kali header installation error on VMWare workstation
  80. Kali window's border has an error
  81. Can I install Zoom on XFCE
  82. Kali linux can't connect on wifi..
  83. [Help] Dual Booted Kali Linux can't connect to internet
  84. Kali Linux right click by itself constantly.
  85. Bad sound in Kali running as guest in vmware with Windows 10 as host.
  86. wlan0 No scan results - Wifi does not detect any network
  87. metasploit-framework has no "external" folder
  88. Tor browser in Kali has no audio.
  89. Bluetooth stopped workig on raspberry pi running kali linux
  90. Аfter the upgrade almost all windows changed sizes
  91. Kali VM crashed after Apt-Upgrade
  92. Audio distortion in Kali linux
  93. Desktop Freeze and Login Screen Image Issue After Update in Kali Linux - Need Help!
  94. rootkit hunter
  95. Problem GRUB with Kali USB
  96. Kali VM - VMWare - Networking
  97. Unable to Enable Monitor Mode on Broadcom Inc. Chipset in Dual Boot (Kali Linux and MacOS) Setup
  98. Space utilization - keep running out of space
  99. Cannot enter BIOS (UEFI)
  100. Traffic was successfully tunneled to the ngrok agent, but the agent failed to establish a connection
  101. Suggestion for reliable USB WIFI on Mac Ventura?
  102. Paid Internet Connection in Kali Linux
  103. WiFi interface does not come up.
  104. VLC, Smplayer video on Kali Purple
  105. Unstable - Broken packages after apt update
  106. Unable to run chromium and chrome on kali in virtual box
  107. mouse touchpad frozen on live stick with persistence - Lenovo Thinkpad - Synaptics
  108. Kali Linux is not booting and stacked with unblinking cursor at the top left corner of the scrren
  109. cuInit(): system not yet initialized, Nvidia drivers HELP
  110. Linux Boot Troubleshooting
  111. wlan0 disappeared
  112. Lxc gui kali panel problem
  113. iwconfig not functioning
  114. Issues/Errors - Migrating VM from VBox to Hyper-V
  115. installation of kernel 6.3 fails due to xtrx comilation errors
  116. Cant get RDP working Kali 2023.2
  117. Kernel doesn't support 64-bit CPUs
  118. "sudo apt" wont work, while i can ping the sudos ip
  119. Screen stays white after resume from screensaver
  120. USB wifi dongle Driver Installation not seeing available wifi.
  121. Problems with apt-get update - Live 2023-2 64-bit,
  122. How to exit full screen and view windowed mode on Windows 11 WSL 2 Win-KeX?
  123. Issue with Raspberry Pi 4 and Monitor Resolution
  124. Login/Password - kali/kali will not working on ARM img boot
  125. kali-desktop-gnome package update and menu name issue
  126. Additional screens disabled by default
  127. Bluetooth Keyboard Not Working in Boot Menu - Need Help
  128. Linux Dual Monitor Position Issues
  129. Can routers be a problem with network connections
  130. disk error don't acces in kali virtualbox
  131. WiFi does not come up
  132. Issue with Bash Bunny Mark 2 not being recognized on Kali Linux
  133. Freezes on boot fresh install latest build hp laptop
  134. New keyboard layout not active
  135. Setting up Kali as a Router/Wireless Access Point
  136. Troubleshooting Mulitple monitor setup in Kali linux
  137. Hydra tool troubleshooting
  138. VirtualBox USB passthrough not possible
  139. Alfa AWUS036ACH wireless card attached, but no wlan0 interface detected.
  140. Static ARP Table as defence against APR Poisoning
  141. [Firmware Bug]: TPM interrupt not working, polling instead
  142. console spam with ath10k_pci error messages
  143. I suddenly deleted .local/xfce and .cache
  144. On the raspberry pi, the GUI does not start after an upgrade.
  145. ntlmrelayx LDAP options error.
  146. Firefox Kali Links Crashing Kali after a fresh new install & Update - Upgrade
  147. upgrading gvmd & postgresql 16 results in error "missing pg-gvm"
  148. Kali is nuking my gateway setting
  149. scsi_eh_1 - high CPU after kernel upgrade tp 6.5.3
  150. If I use an integrated video card, the computer randomly reboots
  151. VSCodium nuked
  152. networking.service fails to bring up bidge interface: 'ifup: failed to bring up br0'
  153. Longer Boot Time Because of plymouth-quit-wait.service and fstrim.service.
  154. Disable airplane mode
  155. my desktop root is broken
  156. After update no keyboard no mouse