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  1. VMWare Tools in a Kali Guest
  2. Troubleshooting Wireless Drivers
  3. How To Make A Valid Thread
  4. What should and shouldn't be posted in the 'Troubleshooting' section of the forum
  5. 802.11 Recommended Wireless Cards
  6. Basic Commands
  7. Troubleshooting - Repository Issues
  8. Troubleshooting - Wireless Cards
  9. Troubleshooting - Internet/Network Access
  10. Troubleshooting - Installing Kali-Linux
  11. 2019.3 Upgrade or Install from USB - Whitebox over desktop wallpaper / Menu items
  12. Can't get out of kali undercover
  13. Kali 2020.1 VMWARE installing Alfa AWUS036ACM
  14. Kali UI went weird, missing close/minimize/maximize, shown only 1 workplace but in settings its 2
  15. wireless adapter problem rtl8188ftv
  16. Keyboard problem on newly installed Kali 2020.2
  17. How to Make the TL-WN722N and TL-WN725N in Monitor mode in kali (Virtual Box)
  18. Wrong keyboard layout at login
  19. Seamless mode seems to be not working in my Win-Kex 2.0
  20. Wifi NIC issues with RealTek RTL8812AU chipset on Kali in VirtualBox
  21. Alfa AWUS036ACS - Realtek RTL8811AU not working in monitor mode
  22. Unable to locate package libcapstone3 while using apt install, all other packages install fine.
  23. AR9271 crashes Linux
  24. Kali Linux Black screen when booting with Raspberyi Pi 3B
  25. Clock displaying incorrect time
  26. Kali GUI disappear after tweaking UID and groups
  27. pip3 SSL Error while installing new package
  28. cannot open folder on desktop
  29. gnome wont show new applications in kali
  30. "%" in Package names
  31. Do not work AX201 wifi in kali linux 2020.4
  32. Intel WiFi 6 AX201 driver problem issue. Can not connect WiFi.
  33. OpenVPN not working in network connections
  34. Black screen with mouse cursor after login to kali 5.10.0-kali3-686-pae
  35. Kali Linux Display Manager problem
  36. wifipumpkin3 error
  37. No Wlan0 or Wlan1 or wifi adapters showing up in Kali using Virtualbox - AWUS1900
  38. USB 3.0 does not working
  39. USB wifi not seen in Kali on VMWare Workstation
  40. 6900XT AMD rig will not boot after succesful kali install
  41. Change Keyboard Layout not working
  42. Wireless Ralink USB Adapter doesn't work properly in Kali Linux 2021
  43. PhoneInfoga
  44. [wsl] package kali-win-kex cannot setup vnc server
  45. WSL package kali-win-kex cannot setup VNC server after update
  46. Network manager issue
  47. Deleted packages when installing a package/program
  48. Kali 2021 not updating.
  49. Extend Monitor using Xorg.conf Help Please !!
  50. Get Sound however it's not starting pulseaudio daemon!
  51. cannot get lock when installing apps with sudo
  52. Installation Error: failed to copy G:\ to C:\win32-loader\linux. HELP?
  53. Kali: Installed & Working but GRUB/Boot Stuck on Upgrade
  54. Kali Error Processing package(s) / Dependency problems
  55. why do i get these weird pictures after trying to booting kali linux from usb?
  56. Network/Internet access? troubleshooting
  57. New WSL2 issue with win-kex
  58. vncserver: No matching VNC server running for this user!
  59. Rendering issues in Kali Linux
  60. Boot not completed for Kali Linux 2021.1
  61. Problem connecting to the local network
  62. Intel Centrino Advanced N 6230 AGN WiFi disconnects
  63. Vncserver
  64. Unable to detect wlan0 or use airmon-ng
  65. Why on Kali Linux Wifi internet speed is to slow ?
  66. python3-docker package
  67. kali admin password
  68. Install Drivers for BCM4377b Wifi-Chipset without internet | 2021.1 Live
  69. Alfa AWUS036ACH No Handshake
  70. Wireless Network Adapter is not regonized.
  71. Download problem apt-get install python-dev python-setuptools libpcap0.8-dev libnetfilter-queue-dev
  72. I can't set up Internet connection on my Kali
  73. Discover unable to load
  74. Kali boot on battery
  75. Impossible to find drivers for Radeon RX5300M
  76. TP-Link Archer T2U Plus (RTL8811AU chipset)
  77. I upgrade Kali, but it does not affect my GUI
  78. Printer problem
  79. Edge Case Package Error Upon Power outage.
  80. Mouse cursor flickering with Kali linux as guest machine in Vmware 16
  81. Kali ARM Builds - update && upgrade breaking SSH
  82. alfa awus036h
  83. Kali Discover donot work
  84. Kali not using available RAM
  85. no icons showing on kali linux with virtualbox install
  86. INITRAMFS: Gave up waiting for root file system device. Missing modules (cat /proc/modules: Is /dev)
  87. Grub Kali linux was Gone after installing Ubuntu
  88. SSL issues in Kali linux 2021
  89. Kali Linux CLI history, and autofill
  90. Kali-Linux-2021.1 XFCE 4.16 64 bit command history -c (clears history list) is not working.
  91. Black Screen with Blinking Underscore after New Installation on Bare Metal
  92. Monitor mode problem | AWUS1900
  93. 2 terminals, google page and some ads open at the beginning
  94. error after dist-upgrade to kali 2021.1 version
  95. Kali Linux Desktop xfce4 Resolution Settings Not Saving?
  96. Time Synchronization Problems on MacBook Air
  97. SIOCADDRT Operation not permitted
  98. Character set to console
  99. Kali Linux VM booting slow after resizing virtual hard disk
  100. No GUI Appear
  101. PROBLEM with dnsmasq
  102. Slow download speed for update and upgrade
  103. Unable to boot
  104. Can't change my DNS in resolv.conf
  105. Get errorm essage when oing sudo apt
  106. Sudo apt/apt-get Copmands not working
  107. Issue on using Pupy
  108. Kali Linux slows down ( high CPU usage ).
  109. Kali linux kernal panic on boot.
  110. Kali KDE can't scan local network and some internet IP. Why?
  111. Setting up Persistence on a usb
  112. Error on Kali Linux WSL 2 XRDP
  113. Don't Work Pipe Button on Keyboard
  114. xsession: warning: unable to write to /tmp
  115. Hi I'm having problem upgrading exploitdb in Nethunter
  116. Partition Error on initial install. "Kernel could not be informed"
  117. RTL8822BE can't be work after updated to 5.10.0-kali7-amd64
  118. Can not send E-mail- Social Engineering Toolkit
  119. cleaned windows EFI boot partition
  120. Problem during installation of latest kali linux 2021.1 of *64 version
  121. Problem's with eth0
  122. out of memory error while loading kali linux
  123. Crypt
  124. nfs mount "Operation not permitted" after Kali-2021 updates in April, 2021
  125. Update issues this morning
  126. accidentally removed my taskbar, running kali LIVE with persistance
  127. Kali Linux can't boot because of unsuccessfull mount
  128. Problems with amd driver in kali
  129. Wireless Internet disappeared right after Cyber ghost VPN Install Kali 2021.1
  130. Expert advice and input wanted. Kali thru Whonix in Vbox. (Win10)
  131. "mount.nfs: Operation not permitted" after kali-2021 update.
  132. Kali in WSL + WiN KeX
  133. Yagi setup
  134. Disturbances on high resolution streaming with Kali release 2021.1 that where absent with 2020.x
  135. troubleshooting with kali-undercover disable
  136. Kali via WSL2 python3-impacket is corrupt (Invalid argument)
  137. Touchpad, Keyboard and Touch screen doesn't work Surface Book 3
  138. Touchpad, Keyboard and Touch screen doesn't work Surface Book 3
  139. Help - NetworkManager is not working / Responding
  140. Kali-Light theme missing files
  141. i've got a problem with my sources.list file and i've no idea what to do
  142. Cannot remove file lock
  143. Problems With Wi-Fi and Date & Time
  144. Touch Pad Number Pad is not working
  145. Cannot shutdown when booting from ISO file (bug?)
  146. findiso= parameter causes shutdown to not work
  147. Stuck on Loading Initial RamDisk
  148. Update Linux Kali Weekly Build 18 - kali-linux-2021-W18-live-amd64.iso
  149. Display Problems MacBook Pro mid 2015
  150. Can`t install Cuda Kali 2021.1
  151. Realtek 8822BE issues with kali
  152. Display Problems MacBook Pro mid 2015
  153. kali rpi4 problem hotspot wifi speed
  154. "Holding on" to previous DHCP IPs
  155. Monster Abra Dual Monitor Problem
  156. Desktop background image
  157. How do I update KDE Plasma from 5.20 to 5.21 in Kali Linux?
  158. Installing back windows 10
  159. TP-Link AC1300/Archer T4U Ver3
  160. is there a command for searching a single Mac address to reveal IP like arp -a but searching by Mac.
  161. disable beep sound
  162. Realtek USB wifi adapter RTL8811AU Issue - Kali VM
  163. No wireless interface?!
  164. USB boot can't find (what yesterday was a) working persistent partition and other file system
  165. When updating get error 28, no space left on device when I know I have space
  166. Keyboard layout stuck on US, even though DE is the only one configured
  167. Dual boot issue
  168. Timeshift not detecting kali partition
  169. Kali Stopped Playing Videos Except on Youtube
  170. Apt-Update Error !!!! Can someone help me please ?
  171. Total War Warhammer 2 in Kali linux
  172. Can i convert Metasploit to Pro version as go_pro option doesn't work anymore
  173. Phishing site not creating
  174. sos root
  175. Kali Linux Bootable USB - Wifi problems
  176. E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
  177. hashcat not seeing my GPU
  178. code/code-oss do not take optional arguments
  179. Kali Linux opening, then shutting itself instantly
  180. Laggy graphics with Intel iris Xe graphic card on Dell XPS 9305
  181. Slow with xfce but fast with gnome
  182. Kali won't upgrade
  183. theHarvester depreciated functionality
  184. KDE cant launch 0trace and other apps but xfce can
  185. Greyed out files in directories being used in terminal
  186. Using Thunar On KDE, Terminal Wont Open In Thunar
  187. Discover (plasma-discover) "Unable to load applications" and "Could not open appstream://..."
  188. Reaver Not Working For Cracking WPS
  189. Please Help. My installed Kali Linux operating system seems to have completely changed to diff OS
  190. Troubleshooting packages installation and update
  191. Kali linux shows wifi but no internet connection