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  1. VMWare Tools in a Kali Guest
  2. Troubleshooting Wireless Drivers
  3. How To Make A Valid Thread
  4. What should and shouldn't be posted in the 'Troubleshooting' section of the forum
  5. 802.11 Recommended Wireless Cards
  6. Basic Commands
  7. Troubleshooting - Repository Issues
  8. Troubleshooting - Wireless Cards
  9. Troubleshooting - Internet/Network Access
  10. Troubleshooting - Installing Kali-Linux
  11. New WSL2 issue with win-kex
  12. USB boot can't find (what yesterday was a) working persistent partition and other file system
  13. hashcat not seeing my GPU
  14. sudo apt-get full-upgrade -y unmet dependencies error
  15. Kali Linux other version are not working currently just Xfce Session
  16. Kali Linux 2020.1 WIFI issues
  17. problems with terminal
  18. Bluetooth not working Rpi3 please help!
  19. dpkg-query: package 'libnss3' is not installed
  20. 0bda:c811 Realtek not recognized
  21. Can't change configuration via GNOME
  22. Ethernet not working on raspberry pi 400 running kali linux
  23. OVA Files Not Working
  24. Raspberry pi 4 B dead after "apt upgrade"
  25. apt still shows errors after i install a package with dpkg
  26. Error installing Alembic
  27. network key every 10 to 20 minutes, Kali, Router FritzBox 7582
  28. Confusion on Root / Sudo / Normal User
  29. Kali Trackpad - Incorrect interaction with HTML5 canvas element
  30. bluetooth service not working
  31. installing an external wifi tplink under VMWARE
  32. cant install wifi external
  33. Issue with gvmd and postgres
  34. Stuck after update
  35. Window problem
  36. Audio issues with Linux 5.14.0-kali2-amd64 x86_64
  37. Screen reader
  38. Bluetooth Connected/Disconnected constantly after last update....
  39. Kali broken package
  40. can't mount hard drives, fdisk command says "Partition 1 does not start on physical sector boundary
  41. kali desktop is unresponsive
  42. Application menu went missing
  43. Wsjtx 2.5.2 How to install
  44. E: Sub-process dpkg --set-selections returned an error code (2)
  45. Kali's GUI doesn't display after a while
  46. Pulseaudio not working properly at startup (for bluetooth)
  47. Kernel Panic
  48. Can't open gnome power settings
  49. Apps and panel doesn't appear on desktop.
  50. ssh and ping not working
  51. Changing screen resolution on Hyper-V Kali Linux VM - question/solution
  52. chromium - separate instance from pre-installed chromium
  53. USB Kali live version freezing issue
  54. Issue with Virtualbox - "Failed to open a session"
  55. Kali linux shows wifi but no internet connection
  56. Virtualbox kali: No wireless Connection only wired connection
  57. Boot Error Help
  58. thinkpad p50 + kali live problem (does not turn off after shutdown)
  59. The headset is not recognized. Drag the music button in the menu bar
  60. errors during boot help
  61. Kali Linux - IRQ Handler Vector Problem
  62. BCM57786 ethernet card not recognised
  63. Network Manager Not Running
  64. Can't see any network in monitor mode
  65. Anyone got issues on besside-ng?
  66. Kali 2021.3 no audio
  67. audio in root mode only
  68. Kali sets audio volume to 74% whenever it switches a sound device
  69. Help Please For Second Monitor
  70. Proxy_DNS en Proxychains
  71. Premissions and being denied in Kali Linux
  72. Installing VMware on Kali (Host)
  73. Kali Linux Image Missing in Azure Marketplace
  74. My kali VM is broken
  75. Neither Vidoes nor Sound in Kali Virtual box working
  76. Root user password problem
  77. Live USB ISO Partition
  78. How to Format USB Drive with ISO Image file
  79. EZCool UWF-901 network adapter doesn't detect by Kali
  80. Problem with "lightdm"
  81. Obsolete major version 13
  82. Trouble installing Nvidia drivers on bare metal (kali 2021.4)
  83. Updating Repositories
  84. Updating Kali Linux Repositories Troubleshoot
  85. Package Dependencies - I've messed up here
  86. Fractional scaling has opposite effect?
  87. Upgrade Error
  88. pack installation truble
  89. IP on wlan0 only available if eth0 connected (up/up) (headless set up)
  90. how to install cyberghostvpn on kali 2021.4
  91. kali linux installation problem in virtual box
  92. Fresh Install No Sound
  93. Error: invalid sector size 0
  94. Kali on a Latitude 7490 INTEL UHD 620 lid close issue
  95. New release 2021.4 No sound
  96. Creating custom kali iso
  97. grub not installed
  98. [AMDGPU] [Slow Start up/Log in]
  99. All letters are "q"
  100. Why the user's password is incorrect ?
  101. Is php 8 possible.
  102. troubleshooting dpkg
  103. Bizarre Browser Issues
  104. Error while installing pip3 or anything
  105. Invisible Mouse Cursor on fresh install
  106. While upgrading Kali I got an error regarding dpkg, powershell-empire, kali-linux-headless...
  107. No video and sound on laptop as well as on web browser
  108. Can't update PINN version on RPi 4
  109. Problems upgrading from Kali 2021.3 to 2021.4 on Raspberry Pi (Pi4 4GB)
  110. Kali stuck at starting screen
  111. My aliases are not loaded in kali 2021
  112. Failed to parse WDG method when booting
  113. dpkg: error processing package
  114. No audio in Kali Linux
  115. Writing a driver patch for a WiFi Chipset
  116. initramfs unpacking failed: junk within compressed archive. ASAP
  117. EFI partition deleted
  118. Sudo is broken
  119. Error when i clean install driver for my usb RTL8812BU
  120. thc-hydra error, ssh://(IP) returns with an error
  121. apt-get update error
  122. apt update stuck on 0% working
  123. All boot options are tried
  124. Trouble connecting to wifi
  125. Font changes after full-upgrade
  126. Troubleshooting running theHarvester first time
  127. Error installing virtualbox
  128. Apt update stuck in exploitdb/kali-rolling,kali-rolling 20211221-0kali1 all [upgradable from: 202112
  129. Manual install for iwlwifi (5.14.0 Kernel)
  130. Issues with new Kali 2021.4a
  131. Weird Xfce issue.
  132. Switching from oh-my-zsh to bash shell
  133. Vmware workstation 15 and Kali under WSL2
  134. Issues logging on
  135. Kali Linux WSL: 404 Not Found
  136. Realtek 8812BU Wireless USB Adapter not being picked up in Kali Linux (VM)
  137. problem while updating some one help asap!!!!!
  138. Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)
  139. problem during kali boot process
  140. Kali network problems on vmware workstation
  141. Internet not working KALI - bridged adapter ( University WIFI )
  142. Password for "Kali Linux 2021 4a live" ?
  143. Armitage not working
  144. metasploitframework and openvas/gvm do not work at the same time
  145. Troubleshooting alt+tab
  146. zsh shell formatting issues
  147. Troubleshooting application switching in another workspace
  148. apt-get cannot upgrade mc or mc-data
  149. Apt Upgrade broke my logind.conf and system.conf files, now sudo and login takes too long.
  150. Unable to Install Zipalang - Unable to locate Package
  151. Can't Install VirtualBox Additions 6.1.32
  152. New release with multiple errors
  153. wlan error. Cant either connect back to a wifi or using monitor-mode
  154. Issue with mini dvi / dvi adaptator
  155. RTL 8812AU doesn't work in wifiphisher
  156. work-around Failed to set ntp: NTP not supported
  157. Kali boot say something in three lines i cannot read
  158. Cannot find installed software anywhere
  159. Applications menu does not launch terminal based APPs
  160. UI values representing date/time/workspace etc. turn into characters during and after upgrade
  161. ALFA awus036a card monitort mode
  162. Added static IP, but still have DHCP address
  163. Problems with first time launch Kali Linux on my old Acer Travelmate 4200
  164. iwconfig empty but lsusb recognized
  165. Problem starting programs in terminal from applications menu
  166. Duplicate Desktop Folder
  167. Temporary failure resolving 'kali.download'
  168. CPU Fan not spinning
  169. Fern wifi cracker doesn't detect any Wifi WPA/WEP
  170. Alfa AWUS036NHA issues
  171. hcitool scan shows empty results
  172. Can't install wi-fi driver for Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411
  173. Cant wale up from hibernation or suspension
  174. Booting Kali On USB - No Storage issue
  175. Bridge networking not working
  176. Login fail in live mode.
  177. Kali USB UEFI Boot on Newer Dell 5240 Fails
  178. Problem installing cuda 2022.1 kali-rolling
  179. FTP not in /usr/bin
  180. GUI Missing in Kali Hyper V
  181. Laptop not shutting down
  182. Why I don't see the tool icons ?
  183. Slow booting problem
  184. Rallenty in upload
  185. Kali of Raspberry Pi 400 falls off the network
  186. Desktop panel: I can't see open programs.
  187. kali user without root access
  188. Windscribe will not connect with any port from there new beta gui version..
  189. Kali Linux fully installed on USB wont boot on Windows 10
  190. This morning I found that sudo seems to be broken
  191. Shared Folders will not work no matter what I do
  192. Kali Login Issues
  193. open terminal shortcut does not work
  194. hcxdumptool: failed to transmit internal beacon
  195. need help protonvpncli dont start
  196. Kali Login Issues
  197. sudo: /etc/sudo.conf is world writable and sudo: /usr/bin/sudo must be owned by uid 0 and have the s
  198. insecure directories, run compaudit and more?
  199. Open Terminal Shortcut (cntrl+alt+t) is Not Working - tried few solutions already
  200. zsh autocomplete broken - new Kali 2022.1 install from everything ISO
  201. Protonvpn on KDE Kali 2022 ...
  202. How to enable monitor mode, PI in tplink TL WN722N in Kali 2022.1
  203. Trouble getting Kali to recognise USB wireless adapter in virtual machine
  204. Booting Errors
  205. Cant change display orientation after SDDM login issue.
  206. Small icons on window
  207. fixed channel wlan0: 1
  208. Broadcom BCM4360 Wifi Not Supported
  209. NetworkManager.service missing from certain builds of Kali
  210. can`t acces internet but wifi connection is working fine
  211. Alfa awus036achm with Mediatek MT7610U not working
  212. apt-get update gives an error
  213. Error E: Unable to locate package Kali-win-kex
  214. i can`t install boot up manager (***)
  215. Screen flickering Kali Linux 2022
  216. Kali 2022.1 UI broken
  217. Kali stuck after login
  218. nmcli doesn't set dns
  219. Browsers not getting any internet
  220. Grafic Card Driver Installation
  221. Automatically setting display resolution as a Spice guest
  222. Wifi keeps disconnecting when running tools.
  223. Hello Kali's
  224. Virtualbox Bridged Adapter issue
  225. I am unable to upgrade my kali and sudo apt --fix-broken install also doesn't work
  226. Internal microphone not working
  227. The headphones run on bluetooth but I can't activate the audio output.
  228. Problems with AP Mode and Bridging wlan
  229. pls specify a solution fix broken install also doesnt work
  230. How to boot into GUI? Kali boots into tty1
  231. zsh killed sudo Kali Live 2022.1
  232. Pyomo cannot find ipopt in Linux even though it's installed
  233. How to reset all network settings to default?
  234. Inconsistency in detecting cdrom
  235. I would like to switching between graphics card on a notebook.
  236. Red Tint/Screens after Login
  237. Kali Unkaputtbar install problems
  238. need to extend the duration of the ?Dim Screen? in power settings
  239. Kali Screen Tearing Immediately.
  240. apt update && apt full-upgrade -y take an error
  241. QEMU/KVM kali linux bugss
  242. Kali Crashing (Horizontal lines on screen)
  243. python http.server not working
  244. Msf::OptionValidateError The following options failed to validate: SESSION
  245. Screen settings problem
  246. Kali Usb 2 loud BEEPS after boot
  247. error unpack any tgz arhive
  248. Temporary failure in name resolution
  249. default directory for snapper config-templates
  250. Kali on Pi 0 2 W Hanging on generating locales, cannot apt-get anything