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  1. VMWare Tools in a Kali Guest
  2. Troubleshooting Wireless Drivers
  3. How To Make A Valid Thread
  4. What should and shouldn't be posted in the 'Troubleshooting' section of the forum
  5. 802.11 Recommended Wireless Cards
  6. Basic Commands
  7. Troubleshooting - Repository Issues
  8. Troubleshooting - Wireless Cards
  9. Troubleshooting - Internet/Network Access
  10. Troubleshooting - Installing Kali-Linux
  11. Can't change configuration via GNOME
  12. Audio issues with Linux 5.14.0-kali2-amd64 x86_64
  13. Kali Linux - IRQ Handler Vector Problem
  14. Problem with "lightdm"
  15. Trouble installing Nvidia drivers on bare metal (kali 2021.4)
  16. grub not installed
  17. Invisible Mouse Cursor on fresh install
  18. Problems upgrading from Kali 2021.3 to 2021.4 on Raspberry Pi (Pi4 4GB)
  19. Realtek 8812BU Wireless USB Adapter not being picked up in Kali Linux (VM)
  20. ALFA awus036a card monitort mode
  21. Can't install wi-fi driver for Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411
  22. Cant wale up from hibernation or suspension
  23. Problem installing cuda 2022.1 kali-rolling
  24. FTP not in /usr/bin
  25. GUI Missing in Kali Hyper V
  26. Laptop not shutting down
  27. Why I don't see the tool icons ?
  28. Slow booting problem
  29. Rallenty in upload
  30. Kali of Raspberry Pi 400 falls off the network
  31. Desktop panel: I can't see open programs.
  32. kali user without root access
  33. Windscribe will not connect with any port from there new beta gui version..
  34. Kali Linux fully installed on USB wont boot on Windows 10
  35. This morning I found that sudo seems to be broken
  36. Shared Folders will not work no matter what I do
  37. Kali Login Issues
  38. open terminal shortcut does not work
  39. hcxdumptool: failed to transmit internal beacon
  40. need help protonvpncli dont start
  41. Kali Login Issues
  42. sudo: /etc/sudo.conf is world writable and sudo: /usr/bin/sudo must be owned by uid 0 and have the s
  43. insecure directories, run compaudit and more?
  44. Open Terminal Shortcut (cntrl+alt+t) is Not Working - tried few solutions already
  45. zsh autocomplete broken - new Kali 2022.1 install from everything ISO
  46. Protonvpn on KDE Kali 2022 ...
  47. How to enable monitor mode, PI in tplink TL WN722N in Kali 2022.1
  48. Trouble getting Kali to recognise USB wireless adapter in virtual machine
  49. Booting Errors
  50. Cant change display orientation after SDDM login issue.
  51. Small icons on window
  52. fixed channel wlan0: 1
  53. Broadcom BCM4360 Wifi Not Supported
  54. NetworkManager.service missing from certain builds of Kali
  55. can`t acces internet but wifi connection is working fine
  56. Alfa awus036achm with Mediatek MT7610U not working
  57. apt-get update gives an error
  58. Error E: Unable to locate package Kali-win-kex
  59. i can`t install boot up manager (***)
  60. Screen flickering Kali Linux 2022
  61. Kali 2022.1 UI broken
  62. Kali stuck after login
  63. nmcli doesn't set dns
  64. Browsers not getting any internet
  65. Grafic Card Driver Installation
  66. Automatically setting display resolution as a Spice guest
  67. Wifi keeps disconnecting when running tools.
  68. Hello Kali's
  69. Virtualbox Bridged Adapter issue
  70. I am unable to upgrade my kali and sudo apt --fix-broken install also doesn't work
  71. Internal microphone not working
  72. The headphones run on bluetooth but I can't activate the audio output.
  73. Problems with AP Mode and Bridging wlan
  74. pls specify a solution fix broken install also doesnt work
  75. How to boot into GUI? Kali boots into tty1
  76. zsh killed sudo Kali Live 2022.1
  77. Pyomo cannot find ipopt in Linux even though it's installed
  78. How to reset all network settings to default?
  79. Inconsistency in detecting cdrom
  80. I would like to switching between graphics card on a notebook.
  81. Red Tint/Screens after Login
  82. Kali Unkaputtbar install problems
  83. need to extend the duration of the ?Dim Screen? in power settings
  84. Kali Screen Tearing Immediately.
  85. apt update && apt full-upgrade -y take an error
  86. QEMU/KVM kali linux bugss
  87. Kali Crashing (Horizontal lines on screen)
  88. python http.server not working
  89. Msf::OptionValidateError The following options failed to validate: SESSION
  90. Screen settings problem
  91. Kali Usb 2 loud BEEPS after boot
  92. error unpack any tgz arhive
  93. Temporary failure in name resolution
  94. default directory for snapper config-templates
  95. Kali on Pi 0 2 W Hanging on generating locales, cannot apt-get anything
  96. Kali gets stuck/freezes generating grub configuration file ..! Apt-get Upgrade Problem
  97. Kali Linux 2022.1 will not boot in virtual box
  98. update or install error
  99. WSL FIX for apt-get update KALI 2022
  100. GNOME does not start after authentication
  101. Kali mirror sync error on laptop, desktop, bootable usb, and Raspberry Pi 4B 8gb
  102. FN+Prt Sc not working after update
  103. No Wi-Fi Adapter Found
  104. Cant connect to wifi on kali linux
  105. Kali Linux 2022.1 Freeze
  106. Kali no sound from speakers - headphones works well.
  107. Bluetooth error #11 Resource temporarily unavailable...
  108. Installing of Novnc showing errors in kalilinux-rolling as XOpenDisplay failed (:0)
  109. PrintScreen key doesn't work anymore.
  110. Some issues with latest "apt -update": warning: This system uses merged-usr-via-aliased-dirs
  111. Issue with latest "apt -update": conflicting packages "kalipi-re4son-firmware" and "raspi-firmware"
  112. Problems with sudo apt-get upgrade and sudo dpkg configure --a "ULTIMATE BUG"
  113. Persistence enabled, writes go to temporary overlay partition anyway
  114. Kali linux Gnome extension issues/login
  115. Wifi doesn't work on Kali Linux - RZ608
  116. Renamed Home Directory
  117. apt upgrade issues (Failed to fetch)
  118. Kali 2021.2 on VBox 6.1.32 continues to have feeze problems
  119. the upgrade it's stopped at 15%
  120. /etc/environment, /etc/profile/ and ~/.profile aren't sourced
  121. urlcrazy fix
  122. Kali not running "sudo apt-get upgrade"
  123. Kali virtualbox VM repeatedly becoming 'read-only filesystem'
  124. Error [0000] Will not be storing state
  125. Everything is yellow and the letters are white
  126. Wifi Keeps Dropping & Reconnecting
  127. Help WIFI connection Mac
  128. Cannot Boot Kali after Replacing GPU, etc.
  129. Can't upgrade keeps showing this: Failed to activate service 'org.freedesktop.systemd1': timed out
  130. Hello... i installed kali dual boot
  131. Wi-Fi Troubles on disk install after a week. Possibly VPN settings?
  132. No audio in Win-KeX, in seamless and window mode.
  133. troubleshooting wget terminal
  134. Kali screen errors on second boot
  135. Recovery Mode missing from GRUB list
  136. Bluetooth not working!! Active: failed
  137. A non-working network card
  138. 'xterm-256color': unknown terminal type.
  139. I can't sudo apt-get upgrade
  140. Guymager crashing when choosing destination folder
  141. Webcam drivers for Acer Aspire 5 laptop
  142. Sudo apt update
  143. Thunderbolt not working
  144. Kali linux networking or NetworkManager breaks automatically and no wlan0
  145. Connection Trouble
  146. RHOSTS not validating - it's not a missing -S
  147. Wifi Adapter has two names?
  148. boots into grub when using ventoy
  149. [Network interface stopped working] Troubleshooting
  150. Kali linux broken system?
  151. system.journal corrupted or uncleanly shut down, renaming and replacing problem
  152. Computer randomly restart, system.journal corrupted or uncleanly shut down, renaming and replacing
  153. Problems upgrading a Python tty shell in Kali 2022.2
  154. Installing ruby2.7 package installs ruby3.0:
  155. Issue with setting new username and password
  156. Unable to install mitmf on kali Linux 2021.2
  157. Win 11 - VMWare only runs with 1 process and1 core
  158. The wifi interface does not find any wifi network in kali 2022.2
  159. After update KDE system settings and screen lock missing
  160. Multiple monitor setup issues. HDMI works fine but USB-C does not. I have the newest displaylink
  161. VPN Cipher
  162. help i lost the ~/.zshrc
  163. sf : Correlation rules directory does not exist: /usr/share/spiderfoot/correlations/
  164. wierd no close, minimize, and maximaze
  165. Desktop Not showing
  166. The keyboard driver is not stable, Kali-undercover doesn't work at all,
  167. Modprob cannot load Nvidia driver
  168. Attempting to install Nvidia-Drivers results in dependancy errors
  169. Temporary failure naming resolution
  170. Kali Linux Log in issues
  171. Initramfs error when apt-get upgrade
  172. Kali-undercover doesn't work properly on russian locale
  173. Error brcmsmac: brcms_ops_bss_info_changed: associated
  174. No sound on all linux versions!!
  175. Failed to start light display manager
  176. Unable to fix wifi during installation!
  177. Can wireless network driver be installed offline?
  178. Primairy VM - sudo apt-get update not working anymore
  179. Secondary VM - bettercap, bettercap-caplets and hostapd-mana packages not found
  180. initramfs-tools errors... a few "fixes" but none work for me
  181. cannot install packages in kali linux
  182. Kali No Sound after Updade; Upgrade; dist-upgrade
  183. /usr/bin/kex:vncpasswd: command not found
  184. Kali 2022.2 open-vm-tools not working any more
  185. Open-vm-tools drag/drop and copy/paste not working any more!!
  186. Blank Blocks in kali terminal
  187. My Desktop is stuck at the wallpaper
  188. Clock skew too great
  189. drm_kms_helper *ERROR, please help
  190. VS Code Install Error on kali-linux-2022.2-vmware-amd64
  191. Out of space on apt install -y kali-linux-default
  192. Kali 5.17 do not start just after update/upgrade lighdm / tty issue / booting issue
  193. nvidia issue after upgrade
  194. Error In Process Update Kali
  195. WSL - KEX - Window Mode
  196. python3-pytest (deps of python3-pluggy) vs python-pytest (python2) overwrite problem
  197. 90% of disk space is occupied
  198. kali linux do not start just after update/upgrade lighdm / tty issue / booting issue / Xorg Issue
  199. Permissions.
  200. Cant log in more issues.
  201. Kali in docker
  202. ACPI Bios Error
  203. How to install Virtual box?
  204. Problem with apt-get upgrade with linux-image
  205. How to switch to amd gpu
  206. Unable to Use Jarsigner
  207. Troubleshooting brightness control
  208. Can't log in. Passwd change doesn't work
  209. Why does my Kali Linux system suddenly restart at odd times?
  210. Need help with Nvidia 340.108 Driver
  211. bettercap doesn't have the ble module
  212. GlobalSat BU-353-S4 issues for passthrough driver error
  213. Kali linux 5.18.0 kali2 arm64 stuck at booting after upgraded
  214. Network Issue, Ethernet connection active but not browsing.
  215. Kali linux password
  216. VPN Connection Failed
  217. Kali linux raspi-firmware: missing /boot/firmware
  218. MacBook Pro WiFi - hardware fine - Enable button not present - Kali Live 2022.2 64bits
  219. TP-Link DWA-171 not working on Virtual Box - Kali
  220. Help with proxychain
  221. Can't install most common used programs, also many seem missing
  222. Network Manager Fortinet SSLVPN stopped working
  223. Mounted USB HDD only accessible by root
  224. Kali Linux connexion
  225. Window problem
  226. enable locate package
  227. Dependency Problems
  228. Wifi is seen by lsusb but cannot connect to internet
  229. Running Kali on VirtualBox no longer works after updating VirtualBox
  230. Can't Access Specific Website On Kali But Can On Windows
  231. I can't get online but I have internet connection with my wifi
  232. Strange video appeared after few minutes inactivity
  233. Gnome Boxes issuae
  234. Backspace, Enter not working
  235. Black Screen of Death
  236. error: unable to fetch 404 install tor
  237. 20snapd.conf:3: Extra junk after value
  238. nvidia driver cant download files seem missing on repository
  239. Kali linux 2022.2 boot problem
  240. The OS does not detect WiFi interface
  241. Can't use keyboard or Mouse on MacBook Air 2019 (intel chip)
  242. Error with frozen screen
  243. Microcode update warning won't go away
  244. No gufw in repo?
  245. Kali system freeze/hang. Can't reach any components other than POWER OFF button.
  246. NetworkManager misses configuration packages
  247. I accidentally uncheck "mount at system startup"
  248. Failing to detect packets with airodump-ng and wifite
  249. Keyboard stopped working in Kali within VMware
  250. Lost dual boot