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  1. Additional Android Kernel features
  2. pineapple / jasager functions
  3. full device encryption support
  4. Nethunter tips for Nexus 7 2012
  5. Nethunter tips for automation
  6. Securing your NetHunter Device
  7. Wifi acces point
  8. Expand Kali Menu in Terminal
  9. HID attack suggestion
  10. Automatic HID attack - or "Right On Time" HID attacks
  11. p2p adb attacks?
  12. ability to use nethunter device for USB boot?
  13. Service Control suggestion
  14. Update
  15. Bluetooth sniffing
  16. Update nethunter to android 5.0.2
  17. USB rubber ducky
  18. Use Wlan0 for nexus 4
  19. HID attacks using metasploit's psh_web_delivery instead of Powersploit
  20. first step on nethunter ,what i see
  21. Nethunter self defence
  22. edit bdfproxy.cfg from Nethunter app
  23. use inject.bin from duckyscript?
  24. Suggestions from a rank amateur.
  25. Monitor Mode Wlan0
  26. Pixiewps script
  27. modfy default app
  28. Provide older versions
  29. A Launcher Tab for Network Connections.
  30. Add SnoopSnitch, IMSI catchers and SS7 attack detection
  31. Stagefright
  32. Improvements to HID and Ducky attacks
  33. wifite handshake fix
  34. put quick menu in v 3 like old versions !!!!!!!!!!
  35. Subterfuge
  36. Add Mutator
  37. Integrating Nexmon (native Monitor Mode and Frame Injection) into Nethunter
  38. easy dual boot installation of Kali on Nexus devices
  39. please add support for Wileyfox phones
  40. Kali Linux Nethuner for Samsung galaxy J5
  41. Nethunter
  42. app suggestions for store
  43. Nethunter Terminal always crashing
  44. Nethunter Admin Tools
  45. Phy0 interface found error for airmon-ng
  46. Can't vnc I to nethunter via desktop
  47. Wifite - Key is cracked, but "Optimizer Error" ?
  48. Nmap scan improvement
  49. One-Click penetration testing tool
  50. OnePlus 7/pro description on offsec site
  51. NexMon WRONG ELFCLASS32 !
  52. Please Introduce "Termux" instead of "NetHunter Terminal" !!!
  53. (NOT WORK)Fixing KeX VNC Crash/Freeze/Panic
  54. ?can we hope the official arrival of nethunter to the k20 pro?
  55. MITM framework
  56. We really need some improvement for Nethunter Terminal
  57. NH Metapackage should include everything Wifite needs (bully, pyrit, hashcat, etc.)
  58. Status bar for initial setup/loading of SearchSploit in NH Manager
  59. SearchSploit fix for OP7Pro (OOS11) before I lose my grip on reality and descend fully into madness?
  60. Hacking camera
  61. Expanded phone support
  62. Is there any way to disable SELinux on Galaxy tab S4 -SM-T835 (gts4llte)
  63. add keyboards/languages to DuckHunter