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  1. Kernel 3.18 + R7970
  2. Network/Internet not connecting
  3. getting XRDP to work on Kali (Raspberry Pi)
  4. Apt-get 404 not found
  5. [Problem] Difficulty Booting Up Kali Linux
  6. Intel n3520, hd graphics drivers
  7. How install a USB WIFI Driver
  8. Kali 1.1.0 in persistence - System freez / no Mouse or Keyboard afer apt-get upgrade
  9. Broadcom 14e4:43a0 | Live USB Boot | No Wifi
  10. wifiphiser - experiences.
  11. VMware workstation problem ??
  12. WPSpin.sh - issue
  13. Question about wireless card AWUS036NHA, Alfa AWUS036H
  14. WPA Phishing with linsetmv1-1.sh A Musket Team Field Version Release
  15. Error installing Nvidia Drivers
  16. Kali 1.10 Unable to fully install virtualbox
  17. Can you install AMD Omega Drivers on Kali?
  18. Full disk encryption after installing Kali Linux
  19. [solved] openvas - Secure Connection Failed - Greenbone Security Assistant WebGUI
  20. is there a way to add my wireless card driver to usb?
  21. Problem to access live Kali x64 usb drive when boot from this usb
  22. Aireplay-ng and Lenovo Y50 UHD
  23. Metasploit and SSH - Cannot connect to IOS device
  24. Mkbrutus
  25. KaliLinux 1.1.0 intel vga 4600 driver update.
  26. Alfa Awus036H, strange behaviour and dropped connection
  27. RF-kill and Hard blocked: yes
  28. Kali Linus 1.1.0 Live Bootable USB - Startup freeze
  29. Internal error: create_lsc_credential_omp:3690 (GSA 5.0.1) in OpenVAS
  30. Change Macbook Retina Screen Resolution
  31. Command line screen resize on Virtual machine
  32. Kali 1.10 - Ruby 2.1.5, Metasploit needed for SET to work.
  33. how to create SD card image for DreamPlug
  34. GTX 470 EVGA for pentest use?
  35. BOOTX64.efi file needed to make Kali Linux 1.1 USB Live UEFI bootable
  36. Kali Linux Live from USB on Surface Pro 2
  37. SET keeps running into an error
  38. alfa awus036h realtek rtl8187l problems
  39. Openvas Issues
  40. Reaver Not Working on Specific Zyxel Brand Routers (Any Solution). And why ??
  41. How to load Grub menu
  42. terminal data through tor
  43. question between Radeon R9 280x and Radeon HD 7970
  44. problems with installing vmplayer
  45. MITM with my own accesspoint & kali
  46. Configuring keyboard layout?
  47. Using Kali remotely via LAN
  48. Why Kali installs both metasploit and metasploit-framework packages by default?
  49. Turn off Post boot messages?
  50. Authenication error in openvas
  51. How to reset a vulnerable Windows XP VM for learning Metasploit?
  52. Unable to run google chrome in a fresh kali installation
  53. About wifi and virtualization
  54. Kali Linux 1.1.0b??
  55. Can't make CRDA
  56. Install TP Link tl-725n on VM Kali x64
  57. DIfference between Suspend and Hibernate?
  58. Do I need to install a firewall and antivirus?
  59. Help,armitage not connecting to database in kali
  60. Unable to use shared folder with vm virtual box in kali linux
  61. Active Directory
  62. add dns spoofing to a fake AP
  63. Kali on Galaxy s3 - my codes don't work...
  64. Wireless issue accessing the WWW
  65. Problem setting txpower on AWUS036NH
  66. *News* Aircrack Version 1.2-rc2 Released 10 April 2015
  67. nbtscan not showing hostnames in kali
  68. Connecting to WPS access point
  69. Pen testing my wireless AP - BSSID Not Associated.
  70. Bluetooth adapter for Kali?
  71. Many computers: batching pyrit db in postgresql server
  72. How to update expired keys/signatures for repo?
  73. Question about MITM Attack.
  74. gdm3 remote via ssh & X11 error
  75. How to turn off Kali Menu's first beep?
  76. Kali Linux and Wireless Audits and Intrusion Systems
  77. Mitm ethernet connection
  78. Kali Linux 1.1.0 and Alfa AWUS036NH
  79. Kali Menu via CLI
  80. Best alfa card adpter to buy to work with kali 1.1.0 & wifite
  81. [Working Hardware] Edimax EW-7711UAN (Ralink RT2870 - rt2800usb)
  82. MediaTek USB Wireless Card - Looking for Support
  83. Intel HD graphics drivers, I'm guessing theres no support yet?
  84. root passwd problems with OS
  85. Kernel problem after editing filesystem.squashfs
  86. How can I use /lib/live/mount/medium/ with read-write permission?
  87. Reaver wps default pin generater
  88. Adding to the right click menu?
  89. Chanel all traffic through tor, privoxy, time/timezone settings
  90. Hydra provides all the user names and passwords falsely
  91. Speeding up aircrack
  92. KALI linux booting in half screen
  93. Kali dowgrade libssl from 1.0.1 to 0.9.8 problem
  94. Bash Variable loops?
  95. Installing wireless drivers
  96. Troubleshooting Bluetooth on Kali
  97. Cap files, ACKs and other
  98. Installing Aircrack-ng 1.2 rc2
  99. WLAN ARP and / or DNS spoofing without evil twin
  100. aircrack-ng 1.2 r2 and reaver router association issues?
  101. Multiple monitor modes missing in Airmon-ng
  102. airmon-ng, airbase-ng and sslsplit for traffic analysis - DNS does not work
  103. Wan DNS spoofing
  104. how to disable the touchscreen?
  105. Revert back to Aircrack-ng 1.2 RC 1
  106. where did besside-ng go?
  107. Fake Wifi AP runs very slowly. Airbase-NG. Can't figure this out...
  108. Recommended Hardware for Kali?
  109. Any other programs to create evil twin/rogue access points?
  110. Pixiewps – Bruteforce WPS pin can not found
  111. Legacy Programs and airmon-ng - a possible approach
  112. Kali Linux on a Multiboot USB Stick with Grub4dos
  113. Can not install new software ( Depends: libappindicator1 )
  114. Help with hotspot
  115. Which AV is the best (and hardest to evade)
  116. iptables problem in Evil Twin
  117. Reaver - aircrack update - Hows it working out for you?
  118. multiforcer (GRTOpenCL.cpp:231)Device not found plus ati apropriate install
  119. WPS Flaw Vulnerable Devices - Shared document
  120. msfconsole startup error: (NameError)
  121. Wine Removal
  122. Fern Wifi Cracker - Probing for client macs problem
  123. reaver argument use
  124. Tor/Privoxy not working in Kali 1.1.0
  125. Metasploit & Oracle (ruby-oci8) not working together
  126. Starting Metasploit Framework Shows Me That Root Is Full - But Home System Has Plenty
  127. Best way to encrypt 2 partitions
  128. Kali Linux Live USB Persistence - OPENSSL and OPENVPN issue
  129. google chrome can't be workable on kali
  130. Kali password not accepted at logon
  131. Python-configrparse issues?
  132. How do I deactivate the microphone - without loosing sound?
  133. kali linux didn't recognize wireless networks
  134. Mana toolkit no upstream help
  135. Which tools Kali includes for usb rubber ducky?
  136. * Execute a command automatically when Kali Live starts
  137. WPS Cracking with Reaver issue
  138. Which proccesor type to select
  139. Question about Kali and reversing tools
  140. Cisco tools not recognized in CLI
  141. PixieWPS - Reaver - Aireplay
  142. GPS/WWAN Sierra EM7345 on X1/2G - Can't get it to work.
  143. Alfa awus036h is same as Alfa N2 or N2s ? N2 or N2s working reaver, injection attack?
  144. Manually size/re-size Partitions upon installation in VMWare
  145. Broke display drivers and can only boot recovery mode
  146. OpenVAS 8 Internal error while creating credentials
  147. Kali support for RTL2838 DVT-B dongle?
  148. New to Kali/Security. Best tutorials? Free or paid.
  149. Mongodb Installation in Kali Linux
  150. Accidentally erase all partition
  151. Installing Windows in VirtualBox running Kali
  152. Help! Is Kali setup.exe is infected?
  153. AWUS036NHA not recognized (have to powercycle the device)
  154. Google Chrome not working since system updates
  155. OpanVAS scans freezes
  156. how to change double Graphic card between I7 and GTX850M ?
  157. Intel vPro
  158. Wifi survey and geolocation with Kali
  159. Goofile Problem
  160. Kali and newer Thinkpads
  161. Wi-Fi scan on Parallels Desktop, virtual machine
  162. kali openvpn connection problem
  163. How to install CUDA Nvidia server AWS Amazon
  164. Connect to Kali Linux using Remote Desktop with XRDP
  165. Display language problems/issues after installation
  166. Xlib: extension "NV-GLX" missing on display ":0". when run optirun
  167. Troubleshooting SET Mass Mailer
  168. OpenVAS Scanner Troubleshooting while Reloaded
  169. General questions on how to install the kali tools on other distros
  170. Msfpayload problem.
  171. Trouble Installing GNOME-TWEAK-TOOL; KaliLinux on 386 Dell, Direct Install
  172. Nvidia 850M drivers not working
  173. OCLHashcat error 1001
  174. Apparmor and iceweasel
  175. unable to update
  176. Can't get "download" command to work
  177. Repeated Wi-Fi password prompt in Parallels and VirtualBox
  178. Changing Window Size for High DPI Devices
  179. OpenVPN plugin for network manager won't install
  180. Laptop overheats and drains battery even with lid closed
  181. Problem with apktool
  182. Installing Private Internet Access
  183. Multiboot Kali/Win7/other distro - install to HD or USB Key (Live)?
  184. Add more exploit to Armitage
  185. Urlcrazy automation
  186. Problems with MDK3 flood
  187. "Wash" Command problem
  188. File System volume is out of space after LVM+encr.
  189. wordlist for WPA and cleanup commands 4u
  190. Piping John into Aircrack-ng, dictionary problem
  191. TrueCrypt vs VeraCrypt
  192. Question regarding hardware compatibility
  193. Android Reverse_tcp
  194. Uniscan Not scanning
  195. combining unused space
  196. unbable to connect to http://security.kali.org/
  197. Drifnet not picking up other's images
  198. Burp Suite cant perform an Active Scan
  199. Advice on where to start?
  200. 4 Way Handshake Contains No Data
  201. lorcon-old (& plylorcon - for airdrop-ng) – anybody have it?
  202. lorcon-old (& plylorcon - for airdrop-ng) – anybody have it?
  203. TP-Link AC600 Archer T2UH - Monitor mode
  204. Network Manager interface deleted by mistake
  205. External GPU
  206. Using a remote GPU to crack WPA/passwords
  207. AWUS052NH - wireless usb
  208. Need help with custom built desktop. anyone has used TP-LINK Archer T8E wireless
  209. Kali Linux as OS on non-root
  210. Dual Monitor HDMI help
  211. vmware+nvidia drivers+cuda
  212. Airmong-ng detecting driver but not chipset
  213. please help with crunch command...
  214. How can i accept a handshake with airbase-ng
  215. I need some help with themes.
  216. Help with Cudahashcat mask.
  217. [testing kali modules][ettercap] arp poison working properly
  218. Filtering by PWR in airodump-ng
  219. need help installing gpu drivers for my nvidia gtx + intel HD 4600 hydbrid
  220. New Kali linux 2 Support New Chipset Wifi USB Network Adapters ??
  221. Can we buy online Kali Linux Black hat 2015 T Shirts?
  222. Kali Linux 2.0 your review
  223. Best beginner tools to monitor wi-fi stats
  224. Questions about Yamas.SH and Kali Install?
  225. Asus Q551LN / Kali - How To Disable Touchscreen and Enable TrackPad?
  226. Kali Linux and Partitions
  227. remove USB flash drive
  228. Which version is better for VMware?
  229. Incomplete installation error when installing cuda 7.0 on kali 2.0
  230. Upgrade from kali1 to kali2
  231. 2.0 and mounting additional HDD - Luks
  232. Using Kali as a bench marking tool against server builds
  233. PSA: Python 2.7.9 in Kali 2.0 breaks SSL (sort of)
  234. weird unknown WiFi detection (Airodump-ng)
  235. Ettercap issues
  236. Netbeans 8.1 problem
  237. kali 2.0 (Sana) plus HackRF?
  238. Is it just me or is ever kali 2.0 iso I download broken.
  239. How to add custom program shortcut on Desktop or Sidebar In 2.0's new gnome env?
  240. Kali Linux 2.0 not updating
  241. Wifite not capturing WPA handshake
  242. Reaver - Issues after issues
  243. Kali Linux 2.0 Freezing (Except Mouse) Gnome 3.14
  244. Kali 2.0 good or bad?
  245. Can't install Software-Center....
  246. VPN - Kali 2
  247. When I close my laptop, Kali2.0 get into hibernate mode
  248. kali2 VM authentification issue
  249. Ibus in 2.0
  250. What is latest method to test Wifi Karma ?