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  1. Will Kali Repos be based on Debian/testing?
  2. Suggestions for the next release
  3. Kernel patches
  4. Does Kali Linux have the same distribution branches as Debian in its life circle?
  5. New Cracking Tools
  6. Build Updated ISO from ISO
  7. New Kali Desktop needs testing
  8. New packages for kali
  9. Phishing Tools
  10. If Kali Linux 1.0.5 ISO is really 1.0.5 iso?
  11. subterfuge 1.0
  12. Docker base image
  13. [Request] LXC template for Kali
  14. How to make suggestions to modify errors in Kali Documentation?
  15. Why com on air dedected software is missing?
  16. Need an update for creepy
  17. request for firewire memory tools
  18. request of tools for simulation of electronic circuits digital analog similar to qucs
  19. Gnome 3.2
  20. Live USB drivers install
  21. Truecrypt alternative / replacement
  22. Why Tor Proxy is not installed?
  23. pacakges in kali
  24. Contribute to Kali question (documentation translation to Ukrainian language)
  25. About Kali Linux and systemd
  26. [request] The Bro Network Security Monitor
  27. Is it at all possible to install kivy on Kali linux
  28. Build Kali for Gateworks Ventana GW5300 using with custom toolchain and kernel
  29. Bash scripting for the lazy
  30. Is there a way to check if my Kali installation is infected?
  31. There is no FTP or TFTP on the kali-1.0.9-rpi.img
  32. Recompile repositories
  33. Unetbootin - tool not native to kali2.0 sana
  34. Adding few other tools in the "light" version
  35. Shorten "wlan0mon" in the next Kali version
  36. dpi detection
  37. Problems with ALFA AWUS036AC
  38. Package/app request
  39. nautilus compile from source kali 2016?
  40. Why having Network manager and tons of conflict instead of wicd (and no conflicts)?
  41. how set Kali Linux in Full Module Support (Install New Hardware )
  42. What should be done about the outdated and undeveloped packages?
  43. An alternative idea for metasploit exploitation
  44. No i386 build iso in W40 ? Are you dropping support for i386?
  45. Custom Wordlist Generator
  46. Request: create an official Kali PPA with wifiphisher?
  47. Anyone has experienced cpyrit installation with driver 340.xx??
  48. ddrescue and dd_rescue
  49. CSRFTester in Kali-Rolling?
  50. Need any help with package management?
  51. Ip scanners
  52. torrent client deluge
  53. Gnome????
  54. Dragin desktop
  55. FreeIPA Client - What repo to use
  56. New Kali metapackages.
  57. Getting Error while operating mana-toolkit in Kali Linux
  58. Trouble packaging a new tool
  59. Wine preinstall
  60. Skype
  61. Snort in Kali
  62. List of loaded packages
  63. GNU PSPP on Kali linux
  64. Word generator -zhou-
  65. GNU gdb (Debian 9.2-1) 9.2
  66. Ghost Phisher 2020 ERROR
  67. Compile payload with other app
  68. WSL - Host IP - Python3
  69. Kernel Keyboard \ touchpad update on KALI
  70. sbuild cannot install python3 Depens
  71. apt-key is deprecated. Manage keyring files in trusted.gpg.d instead (see apt-key(8))
  72. Kali Kernel Specification
  73. Missing /lib/modules/5.10.0-kali7-amd64/build/scripts/kconfig/mconf
  74. Unable to use openvpn for installing software
  75. Goodix Fingerprint Driver for Kali Linux
  76. 2 sugesstions
  77. connexion freewifi_secure impossible
  78. kali linux blue colors purple error
  79. minor documentation bug...
  80. Building an arm image on Kali for Raspberry Pi fails...
  81. Kali-Dark theme incomplete - FIX attached
  82. BUG: pulse audio module directory requires symlink for pulse audio preferences to work properly
  83. Is there a Kernel Driver That Can....
  84. How to package a librizin-cutter-dev required to solve issue 0008168
  85. Can we install kali Linux in a laptop and sell it