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  1. Failed to mount /boot/efi in Kali Linux Rolling affer uninstall nvidia Drivers !
  2. Missing scrollbar Gnome Terminal
  3. Problem with a 2000mW card
  4. Missing "bdaddr" tool - how to change Mac-Adress in Kali?
  5. Grey screen with working mouse after login
  6. Crontab @reboot not working
  7. Problems updating Kali2 - VMWare and Parallels
  8. Mouse scrolls wrong way in Terminal window
  9. Not able to connect to WiFi in any way
  10. isc-dhcp-server will not start on kali linux rolling
  11. BCM4360 Macbook Air Network Adapter No interface.
  12. Kernel Header problem in my kali 2016.1
  13. MAC Changer, Looking for Resolution
  14. Windows 8.1 not booting from grub menu option after updating grub
  15. Data entry disappears on new boot
  16. Could not find rake-11.2.2 in any of the sources Run bundle install to install....
  17. cannot install arachni (1.4-0kali2) - unmet dependencies
  18. Nvidia Graphics Card settings auto resets at each login.
  19. DNS not working in Bridged Mode
  20. Hibernate not working in Kali Rolling
  21. Unable to locate virtualbox-guest-x11
  22. 2016 iw reg set not working on new laptop; iwconfig wlan0 txpower too
  23. psmouse serio1: synaptics: unable to query device
  24. TP-Link WN722N adapter does not connect to wireless on Kali installed to HD
  25. Wireless adapter not showing up in terminal
  26. Cannot Update Kali - 111: Connection Refused
  27. Touchpad not detected
  28. perf: interrupt took too long error
  29. Frozen at tty1 login
  30. Configure initial boot probing to ignore /dev/sda and dev/sdb
  31. hash sum mismatch - solution to try
  32. Keyboard not working and mouse moves but cant click
  33. deleted /bin/touch by mistake and now can't install anything
  34. upgrade 4.6.0 screen flash
  35. [drm:intel_lvds_enable] *ERROR* timed out waiting for panel to power on
  36. cannot download "metasploit-framework" and "exploitdb" packages
  37. Unable to login using xrdp and non root username
  38. Kali Linux 2.0 Rolling - Video HD graphics
  39. Kali encrypted persistence can't run apt?
  40. Grey Login screen that fails to transition to GUI and reboots. On HD install only?
  41. Bluetooth Headphones (connected but don't appear in Sound outputs)
  42. Wifi Drops After Suspend State
  43. Latest Kali hangs on "Kali Login" (Live USB) - Macbook Pro
  44. Boot freezes after Kali-rolling upgrade
  45. Having Trouble Finding Clients with Airodump-ng
  46. Kali 64 Synaptics touchpad working very sensitive on MSI laptop
  47. Trouble updating wpscan
  48. Installing Kali-All Metapackage breaks msfconsole
  49. nouveau preventing me from restarting or shutting down
  50. Starting isc-dhcp-server fails!
  51. Switching from legacy grub to grub efi
  52. Kali for RPi 3: exploitdb update hangs and does nothing
  53. Kali Linux fails to boot after installing NVidia drivers
  54. Making a Kali Live USB Persistent using GParted or terminal
  55. [HELP] Kali Linux 2016.1 won't recognize my onboard wlan.
  56. Screen flickering after run apt-get upgrade and apt-get dist-upgrade
  57. python3 pyric error when I upgrade
  58. Network issue with BCM4352 on USB live mode
  59. wlan0 and wireless "non existing" problem
  60. Boot drops to a (initramfs) prompts/busybox
  61. Rasp Pi, Kali, something is really wrong. (Sorry)
  62. unable to run installed copy of Kali Linux off USB
  63. Kali Linux stuck in a login loop
  64. Installing Kali metapackage (SDR Tools) Breaks apt-get (libqt4 related)
  65. Grey Screen After loggin
  66. Upgrade to Kali-Linux rolling fails.
  67. Waiting for headers...
  68. Kali Linux VM Bridged networking will ping external address but no internet access
  69. apt-get cannot update after fresh install
  70. black and grey screen b4 login
  71. Live USB dist-upgrade
  72. "apt-get update" failure
  73. Problem with upgrade to Kali-Rolling (2016.1)
  74. Crash at login after installing nvidia drivers
  75. Problems with apt-get update
  76. (HELP) Install TP-Link TL-WN823N v2 on Kali Linux
  77. No HDMI Output
  78. No audio on Kali Rolling 2016.1 please help
  79. Stuck on boot from live usb on MSI GE62 laptop
  80. After login i get blue screen
  81. [Support Request] Installing WiFi Dongle
  82. Big Big Problem - Kali fries an my Laptop after Working with any Browser
  83. mouse cursor upside down
  84. Bad Drawables on wireless tools gui
  85. Kali 2 Rolling + ALFA AWUS051NH V2 => Driver error
  86. AWUS051NH Raspberry Pi No injection?
  87. Kali Linux Rolling Login Problem
  88. TouchPad VirtualBox wrong direction
  89. add-apt-repository not working on kali 2016.1
  90. Files don't seem to be saving outside of the persistence drive on my Kali Live USB?
  91. live persistence - flashing black screen after dist-upgrade on mbp early 2013 [video]
  92. iwconfig fails after kernel recompile
  93. Kali 2.0 can not boot (on usb with persistence mode)
  94. Weird error "atkbd serio0: unknown key pressed" preventing me from entering OS
  95. help a nooooob. compare contents of file to correct dictionary list
  96. Intermittent Startup Failure
  97. Nvidia driver installation problem (nvidia_legacy_check_352.79-10)(kali 2016.2)
  98. XFCE4 Session Unrecoverable
  99. Kali running slow (lag)
  100. Trouble finding 802.11 standard - should I buy AWUS036NHA?
  101. Overheat MacBook Pro Retina 2015
  102. Cant connect to any wifi Kali 2016.2 MATE
  103. Kali Sana 2016.2 & Dell latitude extreme 14 (7404) New issues after install.
  104. Can't get Macbook Pro 2015 Wifi to monitor mode (Dual Boot) (No brcm_monitor0 file)
  105. [Kali Rolling] No working bluetooth adatpter (altough with good health and alive)
  106. My wlan0 is represented as eth1 . How can i change interface name eth1 to wlan0?
  107. LXDE 2016.2 Lock Screen
  108. Kali Linux 2.2 Network and Sound Issues
  109. add user in LXDE desktop crash
  110. Troubleshooting USBwireless keyboard
  111. Wi-Fi USB Adapter doesn't show networks
  112. chrooting kali linux with debian gnu/ linux installation and internet not connecting
  113. Issue with /etc/X11/Xwrapper.config
  114. Connection Constantly Cutting Out, Only On My Machine
  115. Applications menu displaying improperly
  116. Kali Rolling 2016.1 & 2016.2 Audio issue? Speaker Built-in audio not loud enough?
  117. Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB no longer recognized following recent update/upgrade/d
  118. Audio not working on Kali Linux on HDD.
  119. TroubleShooting DUALSCREEN KALI LINUX
  120. AR9462 not injecting in 5ghz band
  121. VSFTPD Kali Linux Service Issues.
  122. Unable to compile backports wireless drivers on Kali
  123. Keyboard Backlight :confused:
  124. NVIDIA-CUDA-Toolkit $PATH and $LD_LIBRARY_PATH values.
  125. LVM over LUKS get error when shutdown
  126. Kali - unmet dependencies for update.
  127. Can not renew key at keys.gnupg.net
  128. Kali 2016.2 x64 install brightness FN keys and slider not working
  129. libcrypt11 unable to locate package
  130. Grey screen after logging in
  131. Kali Linux doesn't boot anymore, doesn't get past boot service status messages
  132. Bootable USB Shutdown Screen
  133. After login there are only cursor on the screen, and it doesn't move.
  134. Rolling Kali - Logs me out when starting up terminal
  135. Deleted Kali Linux partition - can't boot into windows 10 now (grub)
  136. vboot-kernel-utils problmes Upgrading to Kali Rolling
  137. USB Alfa AWUS036NHA adaptor connection loss dmesg, ifconfig, iwconfig output added.
  138. Kali won't boot
  139. Black Screen on Boot with white dot in top left corner and movable mouse
  140. Kali and RealVNC Enterprise Blank Screen
  141. [HELP] System shutdown after booting Kali from USB
  142. Kali KDE Weekly Wireless issue
  143. What File to Patch? WiFi Driver Installation on Kali-Linux
  144. Broken GRUB bootloader from Windows 10 Update? Here's what fixed it for me
  145. Amd drivers problem, discrete video card
  146. Injection Test Compatibility Issue
  147. Mouse issues after dist-upgrade it's driving me NUTS!!
  148. NVIDIA woes, black screen after installing proprietary NVIDIA drivers on a gtx 760
  149. Update issue - broken package
  150. Gnome-control-center crash/Keyboard settings unavailable
  151. Repository problem
  152. Kali logout crashes kali
  153. Kali 2.0 32 bits Bridged Network
  154. Huge headache with two wireless drivers (6 months+)
  155. Network Manager and LSB thin issues at boot (macbook air 2013)
  156. Application Menu Width Issues
  157. Kali Linux black screen BEFORE grub shows up
  158. Issue installing OpenVPN in Kali Rolling 2.0
  159. Kali Rolling - gdm fails to start after dist-upgrade
  160. Kali Rolling - Touchpad not working (after hang on shutdown?)
  161. VMWare on Kali Rolling - A compatible version of gcc was not found.
  162. Problem with 2016.1
  163. Screen flickering when booting into kali-live
  164. wifi Broadcom BCM4313 problem
  165. No WiFi on new Mate install
  166. My soundcard is not detected
  167. Display problem: xrandr command doesn't run on boot
  168. How to fix black screen issue? No BIOS option for displays.
  169. Metasploit broke after attempting to update
  170. Kali Linux Live Boot from USB 3.0 Thumbdrive
  171. No IP for eth0
  172. Boot stuck with message "started user manager with uid=132;Dependency failed for dev"
  173. Black screen with up arrow when using terminal
  174. Need help installing WUSB6300 on Kali Rolling 2016.1
  175. When using airmon-ng, my wireless adapter is recognized but driver and chipset arent
  176. No matter what I do I can't get my wifi to work (Realtek RTL8723AU)
  177. How to install sound drivers
  178. Kali showing black screen on start up!
  179. Hash sum mismatch linux-image-4.7.0-kali1-amd64_4.7.5-1kali3+b1_amd64.deb
  180. Nvidia driver for gtx 1060
  181. Login screen hanging after apt-get upgrade
  182. Screen issues on a NVIDIA Optimus Laptop
  183. Sound problem, alsa not working
  184. Install lynksys ae6000 drivers - wifi adapter
  185. Stuck on apt-upgrade
  186. Can't get GUI after apt dist-upgrade in Virtualbox
  187. My network card RTL8723BE doesnt detect my wifi, dmesg output attached
  188. Kali 4.7.0 freezes/hangs after login screen, only works with acpi=off
  189. installing proprietary nvidia drivers Kali 2016.2
  190. Wi-Fi problem with Asus K501UX after booting with Kali
  191. How to set screen resolution in recovery mode?
  192. USB input not detected
  193. Fresh install on proxmox works with 2016.1 but not 2016.2
  194. Live USB booting problems
  195. Boot stuck with message "[OK] Started User Manager for UID 132."
  196. 2016.2 apt-get upgrade error. Usb hard disk in tall. Plz help
  197. Unresponsive after idle for a few hours
  198. Kali Linux doesn't boot
  199. Kali Freeze completely Realtek RTL8188CE
  200. TP-link wn822n (V4) usb wifi problem in installing
  201. VirtualBox kernel issues?
  202. rtlwifi/rtl8723befw.bin-Wireless stop working, laptop needs to reboot to get work
  203. Kali Presistent-Live USB isn't presistent.
  204. Distribution error
  205. Corrupting Flash Drive WIth linux Kali
  206. dconf-WARNING **: failed to commit changes to dconf: The connection is closed
  207. Kali network manager blocks macchanger in rolling release?
  208. Kali 2016.2 usb 3g modem not working, on kali 2016.1 work without problems
  209. Kali rendered useless after upgrade to 4.7.0
  210. Virtualbox kali to control usb wireless adapter
  211. [w3af error] after update+upgrade
  212. kali is BROKEN after updating
  213. Kali Linux VMware Images - Download Links Broken?
  214. Freeze Lock Screen on Kali running in a VM (Virtualbox)
  215. No updates
  216. rdesktop 1.8.3 failed to negotiate protocol + segmentation fault
  217. Problem installing nvidia drivers in kali1 rolling
  218. Kali Rolling 2016.2 - Hashcat Problem
  219. Segfaulting on trying to access Users in Settings
  220. Problem installing Python-qgis - unable to update system until resolved
  221. HDMI Output not working
  222. [VirtualBox] When doing "apt-get upgrade" or "dist-upgrade", Kali login loops
  223. Kali BROKEN after full update
  224. enable nouveau driver.
  225. Kali not Booting after Dist-upgrade
  226. Kali Linux freezes at boot
  227. Trouble booting after installing nvidia drivers
  228. Problem With TP-LINK T2UH Kali Linux 2016.2
  229. Wireless was working , reboot , now it doesnt.
  230. Kali Freezing
  231. VMWare Virtualbox 5.1.8 and Kali Linux 2016.2 rolling - signon issue
  232. Wifi Bluetooth (INTEL 8260)/ Keyboard and Mouse (Touchpad)
  233. Booting Failure and error with repair boot
  234. apt-get -y upgrade fails apt-get -y dist-upgrade fails
  235. Failed to fetch + error 404
  236. Hardware Compatibility Issues
  237. Mac book pro mid 2011 wifi unstable and debugging process
  238. Kali 2016.2 Boot Times in macOS Parallels
  239. wireshark caused a kernel trap, won't start
  240. Unable to login to 2016.2 after upgrading
  241. Package Updater Error
  242. [Kali 2016.2] Screen freezes after login
  243. Using shared folders in a kali virtual machine
  244. apt-get dist-upgrade bricks the OS 2016.1/2
  245. printer installation trouble
  246. Kali 2016.2 ISO live booting through Grub4DOS not working
  247. Problem with boot Kali 2.0
  248. Problem with wireless adapter
  249. Screen rotation on GPDWin
  250. I cannot open any application in Kali Linux