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  1. Kali 2017.1 Fresh Install, VMware Workstation, RTL8812au fails to function
  2. Samsung NP-N110 Netbook, Not all keys working. Works with USB keyboard
  3. Unknown Display
  4. Dradis and DPKG error during apt dist-upgrade
  5. Problems changing refresh rate V2017.1
  6. Error on doing Update & Upgrade in Kali 2017.1
  7. Can't Update And Upgrade My Kali
  8. apt-get errors - "configured multiple times"
  9. error: no such partition . Entering rescue mode. grub rescue> When laptop is booted
  10. No caching mod page found
  11. Alfa AWUS036H cannot discover WIFI networks
  12. Kali - No Touchpad Found
  13. Dpkg Problem
  14. Kali Linux: Airodump does not find any stations (possible incompatible software)
  15. Kali stuck on boot (IPv6 and nouveau)
  16. Can't Update Metasploit Framework
  17. Error when using apt-get
  18. Mouse does not work after installing nvidia
  19. Unable to repair Grub2 - cannot find EFI Directory
  20. Freeze after successful login (On Macbook Pro)
  21. Nvidia driver install error, kernel source tree not found, not able to update
  22. BCM4352 + kali-linux-2017.1-amd64 + kali-linux-2017-W20-amd64
  23. RPI acces point shutsdown (VNC)
  24. Install VmWare on Kali
  25. Can't get appropriate older compiler (linux headers) for latest DL kernel
  26. Cannot install kernel header linux-headers-4.9.0-kali4-amd64
  27. apt-get upgrade returns dpkg error
  28. Can't connect after update
  29. Problem with apt- get
  30. Acer Chromebook 14 Keyboard and Mousepad not working at & after the login prompt.
  31. Network Manager Help.
  32. kali linux 2017 continuosly disconnecting from wifi
  33. "oh no something has gone wrong" error on Kali Linux 2017.1 (Nvidia Drivers)
  34. Kali Linux live USB stick wifi not working
  35. Bluetooth A2dp problem !
  36. Kali Usb not working as intended for me
  37. Cannot change resolution
  38. AWUS036NHA cluttering log and dmesg | Bonus can you really push TXPower to 30?
  39. Kali not working in BURG mode
  40. Internet connection issue Kali Linux
  41. Pages not loading in firefox after a minute of use
  42. Kali assigns random mac address to wlan0
  43. Fresh Kali 2017.1 installation wont log back in when logging out
  44. Wi-Fi not detected in Install while in Live it works
  45. Usb Headset don't appear in sound menu, but listed in lsusb
  46. No login screen
  47. Kali Linux 2017.1 Showing Wifi Networks/ Cant connect / NOT dual boot
  48. Slow mouse transition between guest and host - vmware
  49. Problem with VirtualBox on Kali
  50. Can't use internet after changed Mac-adress
  51. Kali linux and no wifi drivers?
  52. Kali freezes after launching webbrowser (dualboot w10 32/64b UEFI)
  53. Updater app won't launch (Kali 2017.1)
  54. Firefox vs ice weasel
  55. kali linux live usb freeze while in use
  56. Kali has issues with Booting
  57. Kali Update && Upgrade && dist-upgrade Error
  58. Wifi Keeps Dropping. NOT DUAL BOOTING
  59. Linux doesn't recognize Broadcom Wi-Fi bcm43142 driver
  60. Kali isn't starting after installing
  61. Kali won't boot after apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade
  62. apt-get update not working after installation kali rolling 2016
  63. CRYPTSETUP in /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf is deprecated after installing nvid
  64. apt-get upgrade stuck in loop downloading metasploit-framework
  65. kali 2017.1 and lftp
  66. initramfs-update in Live USB with encrypted persistence
  67. mt7610u_wifi_sta_v3002_dpo_20130916 Driver won't install
  68. Kali won't upgrade everything
  69. Web Browser problem
  70. RT2870/RT3070 packet with bad FCS how to fix it ?
  71. no valid rapl domains found in package 0 : reboot after kali linux upgrade
  72. ralink RT3290 bluetooth not working in kali rolling
  73. Maltego isn't opening up in kali Rolling 2017.1 after upgrade
  74. Can't install TL-WN722N drivers
  75. Alfa AWUS036ACH (brand new) can only see 5 networks on Kali?
  76. No wireless extention wlan0 not showing
  77. Boothing failure
  78. Triple Booting with Kali
  79. Probe requests - How to prevent Kali sending out probe requests?
  80. Boot issues - GPU pci config reset
  81. Buffer Overflow in aircrack-ng 1.2 RC 4 with Kali weekly build
  82. My computer screen goes blank
  83. ALFA AWUS036NHA Disconnects after a while
  84. I do not have the sound after installing distribuition kali linux in Asus X58L
  85. Kali installation on fixed Wxp
  86. ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysq
  87. Alfa AWUS036ACH on kali 2017.1 monitor mode issue
  88. Maltego / maltegoce hanging at "Starting modules" (fixed)
  89. SOS: HashCat troubleshooting led to loss of graphical login
  90. Dual Mac/Kali encrypted lvm boot problems
  91. No interface for external usb wireless adapter TE7T4UV2 with chipset RTL8812AU
  92. how to remove old linux-image from grub boot/
  93. Ralink RT2870/3070 connects to VMware but doesn't find networks!
  94. Low graphics performance after install, but not on Live USB
  95. Terminal Window Border
  96. Gnome terminal won't work after dist upgrade
  97. Kali linux installed as guest os on vmware / Problem with resize screen
  98. two disks with same uuid and setroot
  99. Help, Headphones don't work, Kali Rolling 2017.1, ASUS X555U
  100. NOTE for "realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms" package - Realtek rtl8812au/rtl8814au drivers
  101. upgrade-reports: After update/upgrade got some issues
  102. [Help] After Upgrade some Application's menu color changed black
  103. Kali linux 2017 .1 [persistence live usb boot]. Not showing WIFI signal
  104. Newly introduced bug in distro/upgrade.. no idea how to identify source....
  105. Kernel / Headers mismatch
  106. Tp-link tp-wn823n
  107. Problem with wireless internet and ALFA AWUS036ACH in Kali Linux 4.9.0
  108. No network in Network Manager, Cant connect to wifi. But airodump-ng working
  109. Problems with Marvel wifi
  110. Kali rolling 17.1 stauls during loading process after dist-upgrade
  111. Network Manager Disabled - Cannot connect to Interfaces.
  112. Weak WiFi Signal with Resltek RTL8723be
  113. apt-get update shows no results
  114. HP EliteBook 8460p not able to turn on the wireless
  115. Disk encryption password won't type
  116. Adding Online Accounts in Gnome fails
  117. Solving Kernel Panic on HP Probook 450G2
  118. System getting freeze while start the aireplay-ng for de-authentication
  119. No Wireless Interface
  120. reboot command interferes with bios clock and does not save persistence
  121. Network and graphical problem after installing
  122. rt2800usb
  123. cant login 4.12.0-kali1-amd64 after dist-upgrade with errors
  124. Kali in Virtualbox no wireless extensions but Wifi working
  125. AWUS051NH V2 wifi issues HELP
  126. Kernel settings ignored?
  127. Kernal 4.12.0 has broken Wifi
  128. Can't update Kali Linux
  129. Can't get nvidia drivers to work. GTX 1080 ti. official tutorial doesnt work
  130. New VM having issues with VPN
  131. Cannot upgrade Kali
  132. My Desktop is gone...Nautilus error
  133. Problem: Nautilus doesn't run because of some gtk error
  134. GRUB Boot Loader Not installing on Hard Drive
  135. How to SWITCH to a new version of Kali Linux and make BCM43142 wireless driver work.
  136. Official Kali docs to install Nvidia drivers broke my installation
  137. Kali constantly hangs
  138. DELL E7250 Wireless problem
  139. Network Manager not starting nor is it allowing internet access
  140. Problem to Login Kali 2017.2 (NMI watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#7 stuck for 22s)
  141. Issue with dual boot with windows 10 and kali linux
  142. Kali Virtual Machine Causing Host Blue Screen
  143. Laptop turns off while installing.
  144. No Internal Audio Devices Listed
  145. Kali Linux failed to start Load Kernel Modules after installing NVidia drivers
  146. Unable to install required drivers for wifi dongle
  147. kali 2017.2 install header 4.12
  148. Make my dual booted Kali partition smaller
  149. Kali Live CD automatically mounts on restart
  150. Kali Linux Username and password reset- Kali-linux 2017.2
  151. I got probrem to launch any applications.
  152. Installing VirtualBox on Kali
  153. Removing beep in Kali Live 2017.2
  154. Slow WiFi on Live USB
  155. Desktop no longer working after installing nvidia driver
  156. 2 errors; 1st error is E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
  157. oh no something has gone wrong .A problem has occured and the system can't recover
  158. Installing Kali as VM
  159. GUI broken after installation of virtual box guest additions.
  160. After updates, wireless is gone and /boot is full
  161. After connected to hotspot network, the primary wifi stop working
  162. Can't boot system after apt-get upgrade
  163. Kali Kernel 4.13 is looking for the 4.12 headers... no fix so far
  164. Cant configure wireless driver BCM4360 on live-usb (persistence) on kali
  165. USB Wifi Adapter AC1200 EW7822UAC (chipset rtl8812au)
  166. Broken installation- unmet dependency of package libreoffice
  167. TP-Link TL-WN722N V2 Monitor mode
  168. Wireless USB Adapter Installation Help
  169. Can't boot Windows 7 after installing Kali on USB and HDD
  170. Sound doesnt work
  171. Urgent Kali Linux 2.0 Boot Error
  172. Dual booting Kali with Windows 10
  173. Intel Corporation Wireless 3165 (rev 81) no WPA handshakes
  174. Wireless Hard blcoked
  175. Install 8812au driver on 2017.2 with packet injection
  176. Kali Linux freezes for no reason
  177. Kali Linux won't start
  178. bash: apt... command not found
  179. Alfa AWUS036NH problem
  180. Disabling ASLR does not work, libraries still being loaded at random base addresses
  181. Running apt-get dist-upgrade in 2017-02 breaks VM copy/paste and drag/drop
  182. DUALBOOT LinuxMint
  183. Unable to change brightness on Kali Linux
  184. Kali Linux RT2870 driver failed to install.
  185. Unable to Dual Boot with Mac and Kali, Booting is corrupted
  186. Iwlwifi-8000c-32.ucode
  187. GRUB Kali linux doesnt show after install it dual boot alongside window 10
  188. nvidia-driver_375.82-4_amd64.deb not found in kali-rolling
  189. Agony of wlan0 in Kali Linux inside a VM
  190. Kali linux freeze at boot loader after installation
  191. Missing proper screen resolution in VMWare after dist-upgrade to Kali 2017.3
  192. Kali Linux MATE - No networking!!
  193. Kali Linux Wifi Really Slow. RTL8812ae
  194. Error in BOOT/BCD after I installed Kali Linux alongside with Windows 10
  195. Now visible networks using usb wireless vmware
  196. Segmentation fault almost all basic command and cannot open anything
  197. Kali randomly freezing
  198. Repeated Wifi Password Prompt - Alfa AWUS036ACH
  199. No Wireless Extensions
  200. kali VPN problems
  201. Boot error
  202. Intet 82579LM Network Interface DHCP Issue
  203. Having problems installing kernel headers (Dependency error)
  204. Basic Kali system operations failed, error mesg attached
  205. Bluetooth GPS + Kismet (+ AWUS036H) not working anymore
  206. upgrading to 2017.3 problems with screen res and networking
  207. TP-LINK TL-WN822N Wifi Usb Adpater Has Very Low Range in My Kali 2017.3
  208. Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS driver installation fails.
  209. Trying to mount an audio cd fails
  210. Makefile error while trying to install drivers for Alfa Networks AWUS036AC on VBox
  211. Kali 2017.3 - Alfa 036ACH - Not shown, no errors
  212. kfd kfd: kgd2kfd_probe failed
  213. GNURADIO errors
  214. How to find rtl8821au drivers for Kali
  215. issues after booting up.
  216. Problems booting Kali on a Medion Akoya
  217. screen orientation now off by 90 degrees, how fix before grub?
  218. Kali not Booting/Missing Boot-screen-entry
  219. Specific packages fail
  220. kali linux on lenovo legion Y720
  221. Slow unlock with Gnome
  222. SOLVED: Virtual Box Guest Additions on 4.14.0-kali3 Broken
  223. Slow Lenovo Thinkpad W510
  224. Kali Linux 4.14.12 update issue (os won't boot)
  225. Macbook Pro Internal Wifi - No Guides Working - Kali Live USB w/ Persistence
  226. Help needed!! Maybe one of you can help with my Wireless Card Firmware/Driver
  227. Kali Persistence Partition
  228. Create new partition, adding USB persistence with LUKS encryption
  229. Slow USB ports
  230. Troubleshoot after Fresh Install & Upgrade
  231. Keyboard not working after update
  232. openvpn-gnome problem after kali upgrade
  233. TouchPad Not Working issue !!
  234. i canĀ“t install nivida driver in my old nootbook
  235. Installing WiFi dongle
  236. Kali on Windows 10 subsystem for linux
  237. Kali will not boot.
  238. slow update and upgrade
  239. "Kernel panic not syncing VFS" error after system upgrade (kali rolling)
  240. Can't boot into Win 10 after installing Kali to seperate partition
  241. Firmware ath9k_htc error
  242. Getting automatically logged out of linux maybe gnome is crashing
  243. Kali upgrade - E: Broken packages
  244. 64 Bit Boot Wont Complete on Home Desktop
  245. AMD Radeon GPU not recognized -- lsmod and lspci doesn't show GPU
  246. Kali 2018.1 VM through Whonix routing issue - Nameserver
  247. TroubleShooting Ati radeon Driver
  248. cloning a kali vm
  249. Kali Linux problem with all of the buttons
  250. Terminator Terminal Won't Launch