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  1. scaling in my kali linux 2020.1a
  2. Problems Updating Kali Linux//Editing Sources.List root rights
  3. Wrong behavior on My Kali.
  4. Issues about Kernel Headers and wireless
  5. ALFA AWUS036NHA with AR9271 chipset cannot be put into monitor mode, crashes
  6. Screen resolution unreadable at high (retina) resolutions: Macbook Pro
  7. Firewall in Kali
  8. Software Center troubles
  9. Troubleshooting Installations Failures
  10. WIFI not working macbook pro late 2013
  11. WIFI not working macbook pro late 2013
  12. WIFI not working macbook pro late 2013
  13. Kali root password after screensaver(toor isnt ok)
  14. Can't put to work RT2870/RT3070 Kali 2020.1a
  15. Screen Refresh Issue & Graphic Artifacts
  16. Kalİ fİrefox problem
  17. Screen issues with the later Dell XPS 13 on Linux (software, not hardware)
  18. Screen issues with the later Dell XPS 13 on Linux (software, not hardware)
  19. trouble with firmware amdgpu for ryzen
  20. trouble with firmware amdgpu for ryzen
  21. trouble with firmware amdgpu for ryzen
  22. Glitches/artifacts after logging in XFCE4 with AMD Ryzen 5 2500U and Vega 8 Mobile
  23. i cant update or upgrade
  24. aircrack-ng interface wlan0 down and fixed interface 1 or 6 also no client showing up in airodump-ng
  25. Kali Linux with networking help.
  26. HP laptop wireless problem on Kali2020.1
  27. Big problem with kali linux on vmbox
  28. Keyboard issue
  29. dig command not displaying "ADDITIONAL" section, HELP!
  30. apt-get update not working all of a sudden
  31. first login error after installation
  32. I need help
  33. Kali Dual-boot, Nvidia drivers not installing properly
  34. Metasploit / Searchsploit and ExploitDB module not loaded
  35. Weird Problem Cannot Figure it out
  36. Hydra && medosu problem
  37. device not managed
  38. Firefox error
  39. Wlan0 not showing up
  40. How manual uninstall od version of application ? Stay in Kali after uninstall.
  41. motherboard drivers for hp pavilion dv2000
  42. packages are not available
  43. Not able to launch applications in kali and configure wifi
  44. Cannot find repositories when running "sudo apt-get install"
  45. Kali crash when performing apt upgrade
  46. WIFI problem in usb(persistence)
  47. Installing new language
  48. airodump-ng showing nothing, "ioctl(SIOCSIFFLAGS) failed: No such file or directory"
  49. No wireless interface found in Fern on VirtualBox Kali setup
  50. Apt upgrade kali crash
  51. I got lots of error when i tried to install zenity
  52. I got lots of error when i tried to install zenity
  53. How do I fix brother printer not connected issue?
  54. help with updating kali
  55. i need help
  56. Kali 2020.1 - smbclient - Not working
  57. Wifite not found target
  58. Update getting failed
  59. /root directory access
  60. wash interface error while trying wpa2 cracking
  61. what 5ghz card should I get ?
  62. Raspberry Pi 4 Kali - Can't Rotate Screen
  63. Kali linux Grub bootloader insted of windows
  64. I can?t get it to login!
  65. Mini Displayport not working, monitor not detect
  66. Aircrack-ng stops after 12 minutes
  67. How to collect upgrade packages in a separate folder and check for bugs?
  68. access to root folder denied
  69. No internet connection and no Network Manager
  70. No Bluetooth found Plug in a dongle to use Bluetooth - kali linux
  71. wifi not working
  72. Not showing login screen
  73. No Bluetooth found Plug in a dongle to use Bluetooth - kali linux
  74. Unable to VNC into Kali host
  75. Kali Linux 5.4.0 amd64 Grub Bootloader Not Loading
  76. Small black horizontal lines all over the screen !?!
  77. airodump-ng issue - unable to detect clients
  78. airodump-ng issue - unable to detect clients
  79. 404 Not Found [IP: 80] Error While apt-get update on Kali Linux
  80. airodump-ng issue - unable to detect clients
  81. screencopy an area to clipboard doesnt work
  82. eth0 missing on Dell XPS 13
  83. Intel WiFi 6 AX200 WiFi Card with Kali
  84. Kali Linux network mirror issue and no connection to internet
  85. Bluetooth is stopped working !!!!
  86. Proxychains Not working!!!!
  87. Open vas installation error.
  88. [HELP] Upgrade from 2016.2 to 2020.1
  89. Amd gpu drivers
  90. systemd: new service wont start because it is waiting for password agent
  91. installing kali in VB problem
  92. Kali linux usb adapter issue
  93. Kali Intel HD 4000 Graphic card issue ?
  94. Trouble updating kali
  95. ''Issues related to update and upgrade''
  96. issues related to update and upgrade/ i have highligted the issues in Bold.
  97. Slow Apt update/upgrade
  98. how to solve the path for metasploit ?
  99. Bios cannot recognize kali
  100. Randomly Freezing
  101. Issue updating using apt.
  102. No shell
  103. Wireless adapters not picking up wireless networks
  104. failed install when using udb3 wd 500gb drive - cant load cdrom during graphical install failed
  105. Kali Linux 2020.1 Falied to open directory
  106. Kali Linux - Wifi Problem
  107. Black screen with _ symbol on booting
  108. Need Help..
  109. Wifi not enabling
  110. Installing Fluxion failed noe apt-get wont work
  111. AWUSO36NHA not picking up wireless networks
  112. Bizarre Docker permissions issue
  113. Pinebook Pro packages problem
  114. E: Unable to locate package python-pip on Kali Linux
  115. Netdiscover not showing any results
  116. John The Ripper (no password hashes loaded)
  117. Command not found if not root
  118. Unable to download updates
  119. NameError uninitialized constant Msf::Exploit::Remote::LDAP
  120. Unable to locate package
  121. Kernel Update Question - DKMS aufs module Error "should not be built"
  122. Upgraded to 2020.1 now can't login to Ghome
  123. Gnome desktop wont start after updating NVIDIA to 440.82
  124. Can't see DD-WRT router to crack it
  125. Gnome won't login after update to 2020.1
  126. Kali Linux Desktop Blank Screen
  127. Help with 2020.2: no internet and no GUI
  128. Driver RTL8192DE for LAN card
  129. No wifi SSID shown
  130. Wireless USB adapters can see DD-WRT wireless network
  131. apt-get dist-upgrade keeps corrupting my file system
  132. Stuck on loading screen with dragon after boot
  133. VNC xfce4
  134. Issues installing Alfa AWUS1900
  135. Error start kali
  136. sudo
  137. trying to prep for a ctf and hitting a lot of barriers getting my old wireless card working
  138. firmware-b43-installer issue
  139. Custom keyboard shortcuts not working in Kali Linux
  140. firmware/rtl_nic/rtl8168fp-3.fw missing
  141. Error: Could not find or load main class version
  142. upgrade error firmware-b43-installer (1:019-5~kali1)
  143. Wifi adapter TP Link Archer 1300 T3U problem with kali linux
  144. No internet connection but connected to wifi
  145. Changing DNS Number?
  146. When I Choose Windows 10 on Grub Bootloader My Monitor Turns Into Black Screen
  147. GNU GRUB version 2.02. Cannot even boot a computer
  148. iwlwifi broken after last update
  149. need some help with backtrack 3, figured this would be where I have the best chance.
  150. Kali Linux triggering antivirus outside of VM
  151. Install pulse secure client on Kali-2020b : Dependency issue with libwebkitgtk-1.0
  152. Upgrading Kali in Vbox kills it.
  153. USB Wifi Adapter 2.4+5GHz, AP mode + monitor mode + packet injection
  154. Can't update reaver from GIT in my Kali 32bit
  155. Sparta / Legion - stops working after upgrade
  156. Hash Sum mismatch on apt update
  157. redirection
  158. Very Slow boot on dualboot Gaming Laptop
  159. Trouble with dependancies: libpango1.0-0 and WingIDE
  160. No terminal. help please. I'm begginer
  161. SM and nvidia driver issues 2020.1b
  162. Trouble downloading Kali to my Virtual Machine
  163. awus 1900 install kali/qubes
  164. Kali fresh install, succesfully logs in, shows desktop, crashes into black screen display turns off
  165. Upgrading the Kali 2020.1 ova image in Virtualbox:
  166. How to uninstall AMD gpu drivers on Kali
  167. Kali how to uninstall AMD GPU drivers to fix black screen
  168. Kali Live ISO 2020.1 i386 - can't login under root with default password
  169. Lost session after lock screen
  170. Downloading openvpn
  171. Realtek RTL8812au DKMS VS Linux-Headers CATCH 22
  172. wlan0 interface issue on Kali VM
  173. sherlock error
  174. kali cant install anything
  175. Kali 2020.1B / VMware Workstation (W10 Host) - GNOME freezing with Xwayland at 100% CPU
  176. setoolkit help plz
  177. Boot Kali up on USB
  178. Kali boots to gray login screen unless i choose another option
  179. Completely Wipe Old Installation
  180. Could not open lock file.
  181. Screen goes black when booting up.
  182. CC2531 driver problem (Zigbee communication analyze)
  183. Websploit SyntaxError: invalid syntax
  184. maltego can not run
  185. Tp-link Archer T2U Nano USB wireless
  186. Kali2020.1 issues with PIP
  187. grub and logging screen rotation after going from gnome 2020.1a to lightdm xfce .2b, no auto rotatio
  188. Kali 2020.1b dual boot windows 10 HP notebook rtl8188ee wifi connected no internet
  189. not being able to login as root through GUI
  190. New Kali build cannot install pip for python2.7
  191. Free space problem
  192. stuck on initramfs after boot
  193. Troubleshooting updated software
  194. Kali Linux Freezes When Multi-Tasking
  195. Display issues with 2020 and newer
  196. Kali Linux iso flagged as virus
  197. no sound in fresh installation of newest kali 32bit
  198. Kali Live ISO 2020.1 i386 - 2.5 GB ISO leads to no space at my 16 GB USB drive.
  199. Help with installing google chrome
  200. 0x0000225
  201. kali@kali to root@kali
  202. Slow Apt update/upgrade?
  203. VirtualBox - Alfa AWUS036H - can't see any access points with either Fern or air0dump-ng
  204. ifconfig gives me the wrong IPs
  205. Trouble doing updates
  206. Issues with Impacket and Metasploit on 2020
  207. PCMCIA Wireless Adapter unable to connect to network
  208. Software center not working on kali linux?
  209. setoolkit - not running as root
  210. Can't log in as root on new installation
  211. Unsupported input
  212. dpkg-deb error while installing Nessus on kali
  213. How to install System76 Drivers on a new Kali Install?
  214. How to install older version of libssl-dev
  215. ifconfig command shows IPV6 address instead of IPV4
  216. Visual artifacts on Radeon
  217. Kali 2020.1b top bar hides after resizing (VMware)
  218. Disable mounting hard drive on boot
  219. Black screen only on Persistence mode
  220. NVIDIA drivers on kernel version 5.5.0-kali2-amd64?
  221. Kali 2020.1a does not detect wifi
  222. Wireless keyboard and mouse (Desktop 850) has to be unplugged and plugged back in every boot.
  223. Internet Connection
  224. not able to connect on browser or ping since installed kali
  225. No clients found using Wifite
  226. magisk kalinethunter and lineageos 16
  227. Bluetooth disconnects headset when not in continuous use, Plz Help!!!
  228. Resolution problem help please
  229. Apt-get Segmentation fault after 2020.2 update
  230. character issue
  231. Kali Linux 2020.2 displays wrong time for every timezone (bug)
  232. armitage very slow
  233. Display crashes MSI GL65 95C
  234. Windows xRDP to Kali Build 2020.2
  235. Hardware and display problem after installing Kali Linux 2020
  236. Windows xRDP to Kali Build 2020.2
  237. Laptop Touch Screen not working
  239. my network manager not running
  240. hostapd nl80211 Driver Error !
  241. Wifi adapter Name after monitor mode and turned back to managed mode is still wlan0mon
  242. Problems saving VPN configs in NetworkManager
  243. VPN not connecting to internet
  244. Server not found after connecting vpn
  245. Delayed Boot Process with Kali 2020.2
  246. Can't figure out why wifi adapter doesn't work
  247. Kali Linux Windows 10 Evillimiter Error
  248. Kali Linux, Raspberyy Pi 4 - Keyboard Isse On First Boot
  249. Disable Auto Random MAC For Network Interfaces
  250. Disable Auto Random MAC For Network Interfaces