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  1. The following packages have unmet dependencies:
  2. Kali Linux - Problems With Skiptracer Installation
  3. I cannot use Guest Addition for full screen (on VirtualBox)
  4. UART on PI4
  5. fasttrack.txt wordlst
  6. Trouble Increasing TXpower in Kali 2020.3
  7. Win-Kex in WSL2 Kali fails to connect after system reboot.
  8. Login screen on wrong monitor
  9. problem occuring while changing the environment
  10. cant upgrade/update kali live usb get error code...
  11. troubleshooting screen resolution
  12. Cloned Kali Dual Boot problem
  13. DNS server wont change
  14. How may I solve this problem
  15. Need help upgrading from 2017.3 to 2020.3
  16. General problems with Kali on Virtual Box
  17. USB Wifi adapters
  18. Kali linux - Xsession unable to write to /tmp
  19. searchsploit path is empty
  20. Kernel panic mode after few month of fresh installation of Kali Xfce
  21. Issues installing pupy on Kali
  22. How can I get past this error *PLEASE HELP*...
  23. Kali Linux 2020.3 WIFI not enabling
  24. apt-get install kali-linux-default missing dependencies
  25. Kali keyboard mix-up
  26. Now this is strange
  27. E: Unable to locate package
  28. Invalid command: net discover
  29. Aircrack-ng ---> Floating Point Exception
  30. Apt-get upgrade: unable to fetch some archives
  31. Missing Nvidia firmware
  32. pendrive kali persistence can't write on laptop hard drive
  33. Win-KEX Resolution
  34. repository's error
  35. Kali - Placas GTX 970 Asus Strix em SLI
  36. Can't change font type and size in pre-installed qterminal
  37. Kali Linux Raspberry Pi edition stucks at a blank screen with nothing after showing startup terminal
  38. sudo apt-get update not working
  39. WSL - KEX - Unable to connect to Socket (10061)
  40. Issue with Bluetooth Adaptor
  41. XFCE Whisker Menu
  42. Upgrade hanging on one package
  43. ftps does not exist and apt update does not work
  44. Kali Linux on Virtualbox not working
  45. apt-get upgrade failing at certain package
  46. Web Browser on startup
  47. Nessus won't open in Kali Linux 2020.2
  48. Hash sum mismatch during apt update, unwanted mirror is being used
  49. wpscan not found !
  50. I am in a log-in loop (Kali Linux) and ctrl+alt+f1 (f2-f6) doesn't work
  51. Wifite Error: Cannot find None with Mode:Monitor
  52. Kali-Linux won?t go past booting page after installation
  53. Stuck on Recovery Mode
  54. Login issue
  55. Attempting to SSH to a Cisco Router. no matching key exchanges found
  56. Sending EAPOL start request receiving timeout warning on KALI LIVE
  57. Problem running Kex on wsl2
  58. Kali Linux install problem
  59. connection refused on running kex on kali 2020.3 on WSL-2 on Windows Pro 10.0.20211.0
  60. kali linux TroubleShooting
  61. HP x360 n-11 neither keyboard and touchpad worked after installation
  62. Kali is incredibly SLOW
  63. GRUB - error: you need to load the kernel first
  64. wlan1 not switching to wlan1mon when in monitor mode
  65. Fresh Install Kali - No Sound & No Wifi
  66. kali linux stuck at upgrade
  67. problem with monitor mode - not switching to wlan1mon
  68. need support in ettercap-graphical mode. it does not show menu on the window.
  69. Black Screen after machine crashing
  70. Kali stuck in a never ending login loop
  71. Kali system language change made Postgresql doesn't start
  72. Kali 2020.3, after apt update getting blank screen
  73. Potential bug with backgrounding processes
  74. Win-Kex Seamless mode, shows problems when moving Chromium web browser windows between screens
  75. Black Screen after VM (VBox) crashing
  76. Problem with rights in Xfce
  77. Kali LInux, APT Clearsigned file isn't valid, got 'NOSPLIT' error
  78. 2020.3 strange problem
  79. Toolbar to the left will not show up anymore
  80. Tp-Link 722n can not plug and play.
  81. log in problem
  82. "Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)"
  83. Dpkg error
  84. ***please help***
  85. Install Chromium under Kali 2020
  86. wlan1 not switching to wlan1mon when in monitor mode
  87. Get stuck in lock screen with no entry
  88. hcxpcaptool problems instaling
  89. Kali's GUI stucks while cmdline is working fine
  90. Issue with installing Alfa AWUS036ACH on Kali Linux 2020.3
  91. Monitor mode on One plus 3T Device wifi chipset Qualcomm QCA6174
  92. Can not install libcurl-dev for Kali on RPi 3B+
  93. Virtual Screen Problem
  94. RTL8125B Ethernet help
  95. kali black screen on VBox after upgrade
  96. kali database help!!!
  97. Gnome-Network-Displays (Screenshare/Airplay) for Kali
  98. wifi and bluetooth not working after turn on and off !!
  99. Time Fix
  100. Intel wireless adapter 8265/8275 not working on kali linux 2020.3
  101. No GUI?
  102. Wireless card not working intel 8265/8275
  103. Trying to transfer all data from one USB to another but can't even boot into Old USB
  104. Password login issue - In terminal (Not GUI installed)
  105. Raspberry Pi 4 cannot find the Bluetooth adapter
  106. Setoolkit Attachment Not working
  107. import exploit troubleshooting help
  108. Raspberry PI 4 & Kali Linux airodump-ng question
  109. import exploit troubleshooting help
  110. Raspberry Pi 4 & Kali Linux 64bit airodump-ng will work for 30ish seconds before it stops capturing
  111. Kali Linux 2020.3 -- Remote desktop session has no audio
  112. My Kali Linux 2020.2a does not boot
  113. win-kex: how to open GUI application from terminal?
  114. Migrating from ZSH to BASH
  115. Failure to fetch kali apt repo. File has unexpected size. Mirror sync in progress?
  116. Problem with wifi on kali linux.
  117. Problem with wifi adapter on macbook pro on triple boot system.
  118. WPSCAN is BROKEN 2020.3
  119. wireless adapter
  120. Kali Pi - Raspberry Pi 4 - Screen resolution issue
  121. MacBook Pro 2012 Dual Boot - WiFi Card not being recognized / showing up
  122. Kali linux 2020.3 problem with channel 5GHZ ch1 48 ch 161 etc how to enable ?
  123. cd Problems going on (Kali Linux Rolling)
  124. Snap, lxc on Kali
  125. The application list disappears
  126. Kali AWS GPU not detected by hashcat
  127. New USER, kali linux 2020.3, VNC
  128. Unable to capture WPA Handshake MT7601U
  129. Troubles with initial ethernet setup
  130. Dual Booting Kali Linux and Mac OS on a 2019 MacBook Pro
  131. Proxychains not connecting on firefox
  132. Post-Update: Getting Black Screen After Log In
  133. Problem while upgrade Kali linux 2020.3 LIVE USB
  134. Problem while run Encrypted persistence Kali linux 2020.3 LIVE USB
  135. isssue with my kali-linux-2020.3-vbox-i386 after i do the update and upgrade
  136. How to change kali login screen back to the default one (Gnome lockscreen)
  137. How to change kali login screen back to the default one (Gnome lockscreen)
  138. Official Kali-rolling deb has no release-file
  139. Light Display manager / Xserver issue after Steam / libgl1-nvidia-glx:i386 / architecture i386
  140. Failed to start Light Display Manager, after architecture i386 / libgl1-nvidia-glx:i386 installs
  141. lightdm and libgl1-nvidia-glx:i386 issues
  142. Wifi NIC issues with RealTek RTL8812AU chipset on Kali in VirtualBox
  143. issue with scrolling in console with kernel 5.8.0
  144. Issue with Kali 2020.3 boot up time
  145. Date and Timing problem In Kali linux
  146. TightVNCServer is locking me out at login
  147. Unable to Install 2020.1 on VMware Workstation Pro 15.5.1
  148. TightVNCServer is locking me out at login
  149. Tp-Link AC600 on Kali Linux(not recognise)
  150. i have problem in kali linux wifi doesn't work (RTL8821CE)
  151. Need a little help with postgresql
  152. Wifi Disconnection Problem
  153. Can't install NVIDIA drivers.
  154. Alfa awus1900 usb wireless adapter is not detected
  155. Skipped 'detecting network hardware' during installation -> can network driver still be installed?
  156. Zenmap not working
  157. function key doesn't work for brightness and sound volume
  158. why I can't update it shows this massage
  159. 2020.4 5.7.0-kali1-amd64 kernel header missing
  160. Bricked a brand new Asus vivobook today - ACPI Error
  161. dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting
  162. Problem to install kali linux on VirtualBox on MacOs 10.15
  163. Each time the PC starts, grub entrers rescue
  164. AWUS036ACS Txpower problem
  165. Brostrend AC3L WiFi usb adapter
  166. Problem with new router, cannot ping and cannot go to internet
  167. GRUB taking over Windows Bootloader
  168. need to install isc-dhcp-server, but apt upgrade failed
  169. I fucked up my wifi using airmon-ng
  170. Netdiscover Problem
  171. best wifi adapter for kali linux
  172. GRUB not showing up
  173. Kali Live will not start on AMD Laptop
  174. No Blockqoutes/singlequote and tilde.
  175. Kali Linux 2020.3 on a Razer Blade Stealth 2020 Touchpad not working
  176. Gained root access and now internet doesn't worm
  177. Kali on USB not booting on Mac
  178. qTerminal Preferences Visual Issues
  179. No information comes up when I type in airodump-ng wlan0 in rooted kali linux, how do I fix?
  180. NVIDIA GPU Drivers Hashcat
  181. kernel panic - not syncing
  182. Alfa AWUS036ACS
  183. Windows 10 - WSL2 - kex
  184. XFCE goes tits up --> ends up in blank white screen with mouse pointer
  185. Kali desktop window controls have disappeared
  186. How to enable natural scrolling touchpad in Xfce? (Reverse scrolling direction)
  187. hashcat -I
  188. stucked at started GNOME DISPLAY MANAGER
  189. Various WSL2 issues.
  190. NVIDIA GPU Drivers Hashcat
  191. Iwconfig command does not show wlan0 status on virtual box
  192. System upgrade failing, unmet dependencies error
  193. Kex Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at /usr/bin/tigervncserver line 490. tigervncs
  194. Kali 2020 (5.9.0-kali1-amd64), VMware, AWUS1900: no wireless extensions
  195. Trying to install virtualbox but getting errors
  196. [RPI4 - kali64] airmon-ng stops working after a few minutes
  197. Kali Linux RPi 2020.3a no internet
  198. Issue Enable monitor mode
  199. 2020-4 Bash Shell Makeover not working. What am I missing?
  200. Kex 2020.4 Bug please help
  201. Apt install fails with SSSD - requested an impossible situation
  202. dist upgrade trouble shooting
  203. Help with a Upgrade command 2
  204. Kali linux 64-bit version 20.04 when i shut down laptop kali cannot load
  205. Ping not working
  206. Auto Login as Root no longer possible Kali 2020.4 Gnome
  207. 2020.4 "root" login
  208. Kali Linux 2020.4 does not recognize internal network card; lspci, network manager, airmon-ng, rfkil
  209. Display/Driver problems Lenovo idea pad 3 14IIL05
  210. Sound muted and lowed after resume from suspend
  211. Hashcat doesn't see my GPU
  212. Hashcat doesn't see my GPU
  213. Compat wireless 2010 bluetooth is not running.
  214. Trouble accessing MySQL
  215. Theme error
  216. Intel Graphics not working
  217. Can't detect disk / partition dual boot installation windows 10
  218. Change Kali Linux Grub Theme
  219. RTL8814AU, ALFA awus1900 not working 2020.4 kali
  220. Wifite exits when press CTRL+C, doesn't allow me to attack
  221. Kali can't upgrade applications
  222. Nvidia driver error
  223. Unable to install kali tool fragroute
  224. Unable to Connect to Teamviewer Unless Logged In
  225. NMap Host Scan Problem
  226. Kismet kali linux 2020.4
  227. USB wifi adapter (rt3070) Error
  228. Kali Linux live mode showing "Network Disconnected" whenever i try to connect to a Wifi-Network
  229. Kali Linux on VirtualBox: need to change keyboard layout at login screen
  230. Kali Linux 2020.2 Stuck on dragon logo
  231. GPU Issues - Radeon RX580 hangs system - info inside
  232. error: invalid item in proxylist section:
  233. Kali-Win-Kex Woes
  234. Keyboard automatic pressing
  235. Display menu
  236. issue on Zenmap Installation / Access
  237. RTL8761b bluetooth and bluetooth keyboard.
  238. Error in kali linux when i try to install program in the terminal. Ask if im ROOT.
  239. Kali (WSL2) Multibootusb not working
  240. Error when i try to install programs on the terminal.What to do??
  241. Wifi Icon is missing from Kali 2020.4
  242. Question... want to proxichains->ovpn->VM
  243. noticed a bunch of errors during upgrade! can anyone give some guidance on troubleshooting them
  244. 2020.4 kali icons missing after dist-upgrade
  245. python3.9 installation missing files kali@win10
  246. After installing kali-nethunter
  247. TP-Link Archer T4U v3 USB Wifi adapter drivers for Kali 2020 (realtek-rtl88xxbu)
  248. keep having this problem can anyone help?
  249. access to SUDOERS file accidentally lost, only normal user access is granted.
  250. Kali Does not start