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  1. WIFI Card - Alfa Awus036H - randomly disconnecting after certain time
  2. Virtualbox does not work, please help!!
  3. Touchpad not working on Acer Aspire
  4. Kali linux is not booting after installing nvidia drivers
  5. Kali 2.0 SANA "Ralink Technology, Corp. MT7601U" USB wifi not working
  6. Metasploit msfencode not working?
  7. Kali Linux and Windows 10 Dual Boot Problems
  8. GUI issue after updating system and libraries
  9. Unable to open settings and VPN settings in Kali 2.0
  10. Kali linux 2 on Raspberry Pi 2 with tft
  11. Problem port forwarding for hid keyboard attack.
  12. Kali 2.0 : apt-get update python3-lxml dpkg error
  13. WiFi not enabled after processor/motherboard upgrade.
  14. Proxychains 4.10 on kali linux 2.0 won't work !
  15. TL-wn22n virtual box and Kali connection, cant change wireless "settings"
  16. Troubleshooting - Confirm nvidia drivers
  17. Live usb doesn't work win10
  18. Grub rescue problem no other threads resolved it yet
  19. Using Crunch States Invalid Mac Address - Wifite List Too Long
  20. Boot Problem T440 (Invalid Pointer)
  21. Seek to access grub on live usb install of kali sana
  22. Waveshare 5 inch tft rpi2
  23. Broadcom Wifi Issue
  24. Kali Linux 2.0 not loading
  25. Correct Password Not Accepted for SSH
  26. dpkg returning error code 1 after upgrade from Kali 1.0 to Kali 2.0
  27. Problem with Live amd64:BLACK SCREEN
  28. E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?
  29. Secondary display set to 4:3 but is capable of 16:9
  30. Can't connect to the Internet :/ in Kali Linux
  31. Slow shutdown and startup
  32. Wireless card not being set into monitor mode
  33. Trouble shooting broken armitage need help!
  34. Kali 2.0 wont see wireless adapter but Kali 1.0 recognized it just fine VBOX
  35. Kali Linux internet not working
  36. Problem with wired connection
  37. getting error on package install
  38. Unable to log back in
  39. Failed to install virtualbox on kali 2.0
  40. SSH over BT w/o NetworkManager
  41. Error in loading metasploit web server?
  42. kali linux 2.0 can't connect internet via Network Manager as like kali 1.0
  43. Problem installing drivers Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M in Kali 2.0
  44. VERY Slow Kali - Runs fine Live
  45. problem of black screen after installation wase done
  46. Messing wth Kali 6 months plus, never seen this error ?
  47. ssh connect over internet (kali to kali)
  48. E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.
  49. Alfa AWUS051NH v2 not working with rt2x00usb
  50. TP-Link TL-WN7200ND (rt3070/rt2800usb) not working in Kali on notebook
  51. Can not use interface RTL8192SU WLAN USB Adapter
  52. Trouble with nodejs
  53. I can't type on the "please unlock disk sda5_crypt" screen on my Kali encrypted LVM
  54. Terminal window won´t open in Kali 2.0 (icon spinning in taskbar, and closes)
  55. Apt-get upgrade, Insufficient Disk Space
  56. tty1 login error
  57. Interrupted dist-upgrade. Unmet dependencies lock
  58. Dual-screen, nVidia no GUI
  59. 2 monitor impossible
  60. My LCD brightness control dosnt work to Kali
  61. Kali Linux Disk Space problem when using apt-get upgrade
  62. Help : Monitor mode only detects my own AP
  63. WiFI is connected to a network, but no WiFi icon is shown and no networks found!
  64. Kali Brightness Problem After Reboot (Solved For You)
  65. Second hard drive gone?! *HELP*
  66. Linksys AE-3000 install step?
  67. systemctl show openvas , redis server load failed
  68. kali 2.0 black screen just after boot
  69. Still cannot install Nvidia drivers Kali1-amd64
  70. Serious problem for install or use live usb
  71. Kali-Windows dual boot error (no such device ...)
  72. Kali error username login scramble string
  73. Kali driving me insane
  74. New Alfa awus036ach help
  75. issues installing kernal headers.
  76. Kali Linux Dual Boot Issue (on Mac OS X)
  77. Dual Boot On Mac Yosemite 10.10.5 With rEFInd Loading To Black Page With Blinking Bar
  78. No Taskbar or any kind of bars in screen.
  79. install Tor on kali linux and kali linux live
  80. Steam and LibGL issues on amd64 and kali 2.0
  81. Disable touchscreen in Kali?
  82. Kali 2.0 network and graphic drivers problem
  83. Broadcom Wireless Problem
  84. Nvidia Driver on Kali 2.0
  85. Problem with Nvidia Drivers on gf960M
  86. Dekstop screen keep flickering after install
  87. dmesg says htc_9271.fw failed but i have it already
  88. Black screen after boot with Kali 2.0
  89. Can't login fresh install?
  90. Kali 2.0 as third OS
  91. Kali 2.0 Sana - Black Screen Issue [Did not happen before]
  92. Kali 2.0 fresh install, cannot login
  93. My Favorites bar and application drop down menu is gone.
  94. Problem with apt-get upgrade
  95. failed to start open vulnerability assessment system scanner daemon in kali 2.0 Plz a
  96. Kali 2.0 Encrypted Swap issue
  97. Kali Linux random shutdown [power management issue?]
  98. Downgrade Gnuradio without destroy kali
  99. terminal crashes immediately after open
  100. location of spike source?
  101. alfa 36h does not boost dbi to 30 on kali server
  102. Did "apt-get update" and "apt-get dist-upgrade" and now Gnome menus are gone?
  103. Not able to get card into Monitor mode
  104. Problem adding/removing items to top panel in kali linx
  105. Troubleshooting Wireless Cards
  106. Problem associating with wpa2 network
  107. No wifi kali linux
  108. Live USB AMD64 Kali Linux Wi-Fi
  109. Black screen during boot in VMWare Fusion?
  110. Wireless Network Card issues
  111. Kali 2.0 + NVIDIA Drivers = Blinking Cursor of Death
  112. Problem using bkhive
  113. Please help with this won't boot
  114. Error 404 while fetching sources (apt-get update)
  115. my usb wireless adapter cant go in monitor mode
  116. problem in istalling driver wirless card DWA-171
  117. WN7222N usb 1-1: ath9k_htc: Firmware - htc_9271.fw download failed
  118. Reaver WPS Timeouts
  119. After Instaling kali, can no longer see Windows partition. Please help.
  120. Trouble Upgrading Kali 1.x to 2.0
  121. Problem with KVM and VMWare installl
  122. RTL8192EU(not CU) USB WiFi Card Driver Help
  123. E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.
  124. Can't find working mirrors kali 1.1.0
  125. Apple Wireless Keyboard not working...
  126. Wireless Connection-Installing a WIFI-Driver and make him working-How to do???
  127. No longer bootable after hard shutdown
  128. Kali 2.0 HDMI multitasking issue
  129. Kali 2.0 How Can I Boot Into CLI Instead of XFCE?
  130. Kali Linux 2.0 Graphical issue?
  131. Still Unable to find Packages
  132. How do i Edit short cut target?
  133. Wireless issue on Maximus vii formula motherboard
  134. Desktop freezing
  135. Making DLink DWA-131 work
  136. Wireless issues on Maximus VII Formula Motherboard - FIXED!!! and how to guide :D
  137. Nvidia optimus black screen
  138. Metasploit update essential exploits missing
  139. Extra Long MAC address with Monitor mode.
  140. Metasploit "please run msfdb as non root user"
  141. Kali start system problem
  142. Kali's Terminal not working Properly Kali 2.0 Sana
  143. The application, terminal, root tabs are gone after update
  144. Kali 2.0 AMD64 boot menu, no keyboard response
  145. error while updating
  146. Run autossh at boot
  147. Libvirtd problem starting
  148. Help with Edimax Driver
  149. Kali hangs at boot!
  150. Since updating to 2.0, neither of my Alfa cards are working..
  151. Computer randomly locks?
  152. Installing openGL(glut.h) in Kali Linux
  153. Kali keeps trying to authenticate without connecting
  154. How to log in to MATE by default ?
  155. Kali Linux 2.0 Live USB not booting - strange problem!
  156. Old Kernel Headers not in the repository anymore?
  157. Install Screen.
  158. How to get the VPN icon in Kali 2.0 as root?
  159. NO wireless adapter found on my sony vaio
  160. Edimax AC600 USB wifi adapter not detected
  161. After I uninstalled a program, Gnome does not work anymore
  162. Problem with netowork when install Open Vswitch
  163. Edimax AC1200 (EW07822UAC) does not show up on ifconfig
  164. Killer 1525 Wireless Card can't connect
  165. Why boot into 2 screens!!
  166. What's the easiest Reverse Engineering tool?
  167. Kali w/Raspberry Pi 2 + 5 inch TFT
  168. D-Link DWA-182 Rev C1 does not enable monitor mode in VirtualBox
  169. Crash on boot after attempting NVIDIA driver install
  170. Resolution Aspect Problem
  171. moab5.sh error while running metasploit in kali 2.0
  172. can't access tty job control turned off
  173. Kali linux 2.0 artifacts
  174. Burp and ZAP auto logout w/ display tweaks all disabled (app list, sidebar, etc)
  175. Kali 2.0 Running Slow, freezes for 2-5 seconds
  176. Complicated problem when running live version without ethernet cable
  177. VMWare not booting up Kali
  178. Problem with installing Kali Linux 2.0
  179. encrypted dual boot
  180. Troubleshooting with Kali in Android
  181. installed kali 2.0 Now Apache webserver will not start
  182. Trouble using Kali screen on 2.8 pitft screen
  183. Problems getting AWUSO36H to work... (drivers issues?)
  184. Broken installation - please help! Reinstalling kali linux and keeping configuration?
  185. HP HD Webcam drivers
  186. Mouse cursor is not moving
  187. Kali dependency ****
  188. NMAP scanning massively slow in Kali
  189. Connection refused to http.kali.org
  190. RPI + alfa036nh+terminal wifi association with wpa_supplicant = problem
  191. Apt-Get update error on 1.1.0
  192. upgrade to kali 2 created boot time start job issue
  193. Kali 2.0 VMware issue
  194. Kali Linux 2.0 crashes to grey screen saying system cant recover after login
  195. Graphics Card Driver Issue
  196. Kali wont boot in vmware!!
  197. THC hyrda run slower on kali 2.0 than on previous versions
  198. Blank screen on installed Kali as dual boot on MacBook Pro "15 of 2013
  199. Installing KVM - Dependencies not installable
  200. Kali Linux 2.0 Install nvidia driver and change resolution!
  201. Kali 2.0 mouse lag- fixed mine
  202. cryptic symbols in terminals and no History with Arrow "Up/Down" but "Cryptic" Symbol
  203. Is it possible to install kali linux 2.0 tools on kali lite from a kali full disc
  204. Grub looks all jacked up in Kali 2.0
  205. SET - Metasploit not found
  206. Clean Install Kali linux - Wireless Issue
  207. Wireless Adapter in Kali VM Ware
  208. Mouse invisible after update
  209. install wireless driver
  210. Kali 1.1 repos / apt-get update not anymore possible
  211. Kali Linux 64 bit VM -Windows 10- VM 12 Pro - Does not boot?
  212. How do you change the time in kali
  213. File explorer disappeared in Kali 2 after upgrading!
  214. SSH service has to be restarted after every reboot
  215. Possible Security bug: Can see display contents of prev session during OS startup
  216. Wi-FI Hardware Disabled
  217. Dual Boot Windows 7/Kali Linux 2.0 Problem
  218. Websploit | sh: 1: xterm: not found
  219. Dual External Monitors in Kali 2.0
  220. Issue With Live USB Boot on Dell Inspiron
  221. Raspberry Pi 2 clock time and locale
  222. I need know how to set up 33dbm my wifi AWUS036NH
  223. Issues with installing Nvidia drivers
  224. problem when try to install wicd
  225. Alfa AWUS036NH RT3070L USB on Kali v2.0 - Injection and wash error. Buggy firmware ?
  226. 'apt-get update' Always showing 404 Not Found on Kali 2.0
  227. Strange download problem
  228. Trouble updating
  229. Kali Linux 2.0 Screen Flicker
  230. DSL Connection Problem in kali 2.0
  231. Kali is recognizing usb wireless card, but no results when using wifite or airodump
  232. Cant connect to any wifi network
  233. Airbase-ng ESSID Bug in aircrack-ng 1.2rc3
  234. teamviewer dependency errors [latest kali]
  235. artifact after menu selection kali 2.0
  236. Atheros AR9271 Oracle VM
  237. Kali linux multi OS ain't working
  238. Msfupdate doesn't work
  239. Problems using Kali Linux Persistent Usb Stick on different computers
  240. AWUS036H, Disconnects, Server not found, Unable to connect...
  241. Keyborad and mouse freeze
  242. USB Ethernet Adapter
  243. Can't get into monitor mode - kali 2.0
  244. Kali 2 Something goes wrong
  245. metasploit.service failed to load: No such file or directory!
  246. From boot menu to a text screen in kali linux 2.0
  247. Failed To Update - "The transaction did not complete"
  248. Desktop is gone.
  249. Root partition filling up
  250. Vmware Tools in Kali 2 Guest