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  1. VPN (grayed out)
  2. Problem with sound
  3. Mouse Sensitivity
  4. Loading in multi-boot usb, login problem
  5. dhclient
  6. Login bug?
  7. AMD Catalyst Mobility Radeon HD 4670 driver
  8. Missing APT Repo's? [FIX]
  9. Bash Color Terminals
  10. Restore Menu
  11. VMWare 9 and Bridging Mode
  12. I edited the main menu in the preferences, the main menu go into a mass
  13. No wifi,Wireless, ethernet-Network. Atheros & bcm4313. HELP !
  14. Nvidia driver install
  15. VMWARE image hangs VMWare Player after login.
  16. TIP: VMware Image - VMware Workstation 8 - Edit Required to Load
  17. Kali GNOME3 more customizable
  18. Some issues with Kali on VirtualBox.
  19. xforcevesa problem
  20. Installing Parallels Tools from Parallels Desktop 8 on Mac Book Pro Retina
  21. realtek 8723 problem
  22. Installing vmware 9 into kali Linux
  23. Samsing Chromebook wifi - no adapter?
  24. Bad Font on Bash Terminal
  25. Screen lock not working
  26. grafique card driver problemmm
  27. Sources list
  28. HD 3000 Graphics
  29. amd64-mini.iso , software selection?
  30. installing chromium and launching it as root
  31. Adding Printer
  32. [FIXED] Dell Vostro 3350 fans running at full speed on Kali-Linux
  33. Networm manager applet problem
  34. unable to boot into kali linux after dual boot install
  35. Touchpad Synaptics Tapping issue [Solved]
  36. VMware Workstation 9 - C header files matching your kernel not found
  37. Problem while booting from encrypted bootstick
  38. Package signing key ?
  39. Laptop screen doesn't come back on
  40. How to make PAE working
  41. How to make PAE at least working?
  42. set TXPOWER for awus036nh
  43. Made a xorg.conf file to get 2 monitors, now have 2 of everything on desktop
  44. made and edited a xorg file, now have 2 of everyting on screen
  45. Adding PPA - Not working
  46. Broadcom Corporation BCM43227 802.11b/g/n
  47. Kali Linux Menu Disappeared!
  48. Lost nice Kali menu item
  49. persistence partition
  50. How to restore grub after windows 8 instalation?
  51. How to enable boot message log?
  52. Problem WIth installing Photon Plus Data card
  53. Add-apt-repository?
  54. USB BOOT: modprobe: module swap not found in modules.dep
  55. Linux headers error :( HELP
  56. Adobe Flash Player problem..
  57. Hash Sum mismatch
  58. Hybrid Graphics problem - Intel HD 3000 / AMD Radeon HD 6630
  59. VMWare Player won't start (Solution)
  60. oclhashcat-plus doesn't recognize that fglrx is installed.
  61. ifconfig wlan0 up “SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not possible due to RF-kill”
  62. Another VirtualBox problem
  63. TP-Link usb wireless adapter model TL-WN8200ND don't work
  64. virtualbox addons
  65. Another VirtualBox problem
  66. msi r6450 :'(
  67. Amd APU with hd 7500 drovers
  68. System settings stop working
  69. Need help with network manager
  70. Kali, Virtualbox and 3D performance - Gnome3/Cinnamon
  71. Sound Problem - PulseAudio + vlc distortion, skype microphone.
  72. Kali USB persistence installation question
  73. Nautilus slowness
  74. Microsoft wireless mobile mouse 4000 with nano receiver not working
  75. Issue compiling compat-wireless on amd64 Gnome Kali
  76. [Help] Install Pyrit with OpenCL
  77. How to remove item at status bar
  78. Social Engineering Toolkit Error
  79. Laptop continually reboots
  80. Alfa AWUS036H Wireless USB Adapter
  81. After Nvidia driver installs, system reboot's to blank screen.
  82. Kali boot problem screen disappears!
  83. exploitdb without .svn folder !
  84. txpower on Alfa AWUS036NHR
  85. Laptop continually reboots when trying to boot kali
  86. Change language of installed Kali
  87. network manager gnome problems
  88. Alfa AWUS036NHA Driver on Chromebook
  89. Alfa AWUSNHA not recognized
  90. How to install ia32-libs?
  91. [HELP] Fingerprint Sensor Install
  92. Strange txpower behavior (setting too high for 2 cards and not high enough for one)
  93. KDE troubles
  94. [Resolved] bad Font on Kali
  95. Problem with mate & kali-menu
  96. How To Fix The Black Screen on Netbook Toshiba NB100 After Ahe First Installation
  97. Problem initializing Nexpose database on NTFS partition
  98. Display Brightness Laptop Packard Bell Easy Note TE
  99. ALFA AWUS036NHR (chipset rtl8188ru) dont show associated my adapter with AP
  100. Nautilus scripts
  101. Kali & Hyper-V 2008 R2 - can't ping/connect outside external vswitch
  102. Problems with Mobile Broadband Connections
  103. Nvidia 460 gtx install driver + nvidia-settings black screen
  104. Error on mid-2011 MacBook Pro LiveUSB
  105. Error During Login
  106. Grub - Invalid Signatures when trying to boot into Windows
  107. Kali menu hanged :( help please
  108. Can not install AR8161 Ethernet card with compat-wireless package
  109. 2 hour time offset between OSes on Dell XPS 15 L521x UEFI Dual Boot Win8 and Kali
  110. Ralink Wireless Card problem
  111. Dual boot with BT5R3. Now no Xwin in kali
  112. Can not detect network cable plugged in...
  113. ERROR Installing Wireless Driver
  114. Problem while customing the "Applications Menu"
  115. not starting portmapper is not running ... (warning)
  116. Having trouble with Interface and Virtual box
  117. How to enable Bluetooth & How to add Dell Bluetooth Travel Mouse in Kali Linux
  118. My box can't connect to the domain "kali.org"
  119. Problem upgrading
  120. Not able to run Java GUI based apps
  121. AR8161 Ethernet Card trouble
  122. virtual box installation problem
  123. Intel 82801IB ICH9 Driver Problem
  124. How do I recover my Kali Installation?
  125. Live persistence install on bootable USB not saving root password change
  126. Japanese Keyboard Layout - can't type Pipe key or Virtical Bar
  127. Root login problem
  128. Installing ia32-libs-gtk?
  129. fern-wifi broken after installing update- how to fix?
  130. postgresql-9.1 errors after installing a package
  131. Kali Linux ARM (MK/SS808) - "Failed to Execute Web Browser"
  132. Waiting for headers
  133. Alfa awus051nh finding lower 5ghz freqs...
  134. Clean iso issue
  135. installing alfa adapter, kali wont run executable from CD
  136. Persistence not working
  137. problem choosing the "Live (686-pae) boot from live USB....
  138. NVIDIA Optimus - Alienware m14xr2 - looking for a save way to upgrade
  139. Edimax EW-7811UN
  140. Sound Not working. Kali- Dell Inspiron N7110
  141. Kali msfupdate question/problem
  142. Wierd looking menu
  143. aircrack is not properly working on vmware please help!
  144. [Help] Kali not booting without ethernet connection
  145. Dependencies **** !!!
  146. Deleted /etc/default/grub by Accident!
  147. Authentication faliure
  148. Wifite WPA handshake not happening
  149. .deb packages won't install?
  150. GUI broken after installing Bumblebee.
  151. Edimax 7811 detected by lsusb and modprobe but not iwconfig
  152. peepdf spidermonkey + pylibemu not installed !
  153. Offending key in /home/ramesh/.ssh/known_hosts: 6
  154. I need help,....someone there 4 give me an advice for what i must to do
  155. Insecure world writable dir
  156. Kali Linux login fail just like Backtrack series
  157. alt+ctrl+f1 logout but can't workable for startx
  158. gpsd+kismet
  159. CUDA Problem
  160. WPA2 Network configuration failed
  161. Errors Installing Splashtop Client
  162. apt-get autoremove Problem!!
  163. 1024x600 Screen Resolution For Netbooks
  164. pptp service failes to start.
  165. Files still in trash after reboot
  166. Openvas/Greenbone Web Hangs
  167. Sound Issue in kali vmware image
  168. getting loged out of linux on settings and vmware??
  169. Anyone using RTL8192CU-based USB WiFi with aircrack/wifite in Kali Linux?
  170. GlobalSat BU-353 USB GPS
  171. intel HD 3000
  172. Talk and Talkd only work one way
  173. Kali Linux 1.0.2-amd64 -Duplicates Menus Clocks Workspace Switcher etc
  174. Kali 1.0.2-AMD64 configuring Pyrit with NVCC
  175. Virtualbox IN Kali
  176. Installation on a MSI u100
  178. nVdia Driver blank screen please help !!! :(
  179. gui crashes after ati installation
  180. How to install amd drivers
  181. Kali gnome 32 bit - Error on boot every time
  182. Social Engineering Toolkit hangs - Bleeding Edge
  183. CPU stuck... all the time !
  184. [issue] Kali on USB with persistence and Brightness file at acpi_video0
  185. Cannot Update - Multiple Dependency problem.
  186. Kali wont start after login
  187. Uniscan - Report save location?
  188. Metasploit & Set update trouble
  189. Metaploit not Updating
  190. Users Cannot Login; Only Root Access
  191. Problem with R.A.T.
  192. Kali issue database
  193. ALFA AWUSO36H set up help!
  194. No Sound
  195. Mac address spoofing does not work (macchanger)
  196. Need help with installing w3af
  197. Installing vpn kali linux
  198. nessus and metasploit 4.6 trouble
  199. Metasploit kali version v older backtack 5 version
  200. xssf problem
  201. Rocket RAID cards
  202. metasploit and postgresql help
  203. Cowpatty invalid option
  204. problem with bluetooth scanner
  205. Please help me install my RT8191SU Usb Wireless with these drivers :(
  206. Will Kali be upgraded to Debian 7? I need UEFI support for Surface Pro
  207. Roll back?
  208. Kernel headers problem
  209. Hybrid Graphics Intel HD 3000 / Radeon HD 6630M - Can't find drivers.
  210. tor vidalia error ?Vidalia detected that the Tor software exited unexpectedly.
  211. RFKill non existant SOICSIFFLAGS error, stuck in airplane mode
  212. USB Datacard not getting detected
  213. kali 1.0.3 liveUSB with persistent partition,vlc failed to launch
  214. VM Kail Laptop
  215. Wireless GUI not there
  216. network manager
  217. Unable to 'apt-get update', yet can ping 'http.kali.org'
  218. always appears the message "E: Unable to locate package" at the end of the installati
  219. Problem installing acerhk driver for Acer laptop
  220. fern_wifi_craker
  221. Websploit wifi/wifi_dos is not working!
  222. 3 PROBLMS With Kali Linux.
  223. Overheating Problem
  224. ettercap problem using 0.7.6 and 0.7.3
  225. always appears the message "E: Unable to locate package" at the end of the installati
  226. eth0 not working
  227. Altgr + impr pant + k not working
  228. Postgresql problem
  229. Chrome repo error at update
  230. VirtualBox in Kali?
  231. Failure of Desktop Sharing service to respond after changing IP
  232. AMD Catalyst Mobility Radeon HD 7770 driver
  233. headphone jack sound
  234. help me plz " armitag issue "
  235. matasploit issue with screen
  236. i can finde the pentest/ directory
  237. Can't find Okular PDF Reader in Repositories
  238. Display is distorted after installing.
  239. MDK3 problem
  240. Using Single Thread Problem
  241. apt- gep upgrade error , please help .
  242. Help with retrieval speed
  243. Latest update - killed zenmap
  244. Kali boot's in text mode No GUI at all...
  245. Wifi Adapter TP-Link TL-WN722N V1
  246. VMware Tools failed after updating Linux Kernel Headers
  247. Kali new kernel ati problems with X server display
  248. Unable to install software updates.
  249. update break mfoc and mfcuk
  250. How to reset (GRUB) startup screen/menu, if installed DualBoot?...