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  31. i am having issue with sudo apt-get update please help me...
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  42. Kali Linux Revealed Forum.
  43. i am having issue with sudo apt-get update please help me...
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  47. PLEASE Delete my account!
  48. im giving my laptop to a freind
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  67. How i change the language to spanish of spain.
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  82. I need help with a command for Kali Linux, the "apt-get"
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  84. Error on website
  85. OpenVAS 21.4.3 on kali 5.16.0 can i import external vulnerabilities databases
  86. net install
  87. I am running kde in kali so I am having a hard time trying to find where to post
  88. No input device under sound settings, Microphone not detected
  89. RTX 4080 Support
  90. How to install Volatility 2 and 3 on Kali 2022.4
  91. Using internet connection sharing works fine except when I enable ufw firewall. Please Help
  92. Ufw support
  93. Kali 2022.4 / GLIBC 2.31 versus GLIBC 2.36
  94. wifi problem. "hard blocked: yes"
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  97. Kali-Dark theme update
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  100. Just here to learn from anyone...Please needed
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