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  1. How to install 32 bit software on a 64 bit system
  2. ctrl-alt-T?
  3. Having trouble running uniscan
  4. Reaver not loading saved sessions
  5. kali linux and backtrack future development
  6. missing wifitapscapy
  7. Problem with wash
  8. Slow access to repos
  9. Problem with metasploit
  10. First Impressions
  11. Issues with sqlmap, burp and SSL
  12. Competing Kali Forum??
  13. HTTPS version of site forums.kali.org
  14. Kali Linux Root User Policy
  15. Have problem with the installer of ati driver
  16. Just Saying THANK YOU!
  17. GPU and notebooks
  18. Please bring back the /pentest folder
  19. Can a mirror be configured after Kali is installed?
  20. How to move window buttons?
  21. Kali Desktop Customization
  22. Sandybridge problem.
  23. Nessus in Kali?
  24. Docky toolbar.
  25. Kali Linux running with some Lag
  26. Webshells and Dictionary Files?
  27. WICD Network Manager missing?? Alternative ?
  28. Adobe flash player? or Firefox?
  29. Problem WPS Cracking
  30. Installing Chromium
  31. Switch Gnome UI and hold the menu?
  32. Keepass2
  33. NeXpose Installation failed
  34. Leafpad hanging
  35. Etherape
  36. Metasploit Broke with Update.
  37. Metasploit: unrecognized service
  38. Problems Downloading/Installing Tor (The Onion Router)
  39. Well played
  40. Automounting devices question
  41. Kali Linux Mind Map
  42. Skype
  43. Epic "not associated" problem with ALFA AWUS036 NHR
  44. RTL8187l Chipset with disconnects and slow speed.
  45. no more proxyresolv
  46. Fail to add-apt-repo
  47. Brute Forcing smtp with Hydra
  48. alll of the hacking tools were moved into a new "other" directory in the Applications
  49. switching to FireFox on Kali - made simple
  50. Skype won't work.
  51. Running Kali On a Samsung N150
  52. How many repos are supposed to be in sources.list ?
  53. Package Manager for Kali
  54. Power options and close lid function
  55. se-toolkit
  56. Software Update Issues
  57. ATI Catalyst 13.1 install faile
  58. OpenVAS Installation Error
  59. [Q] How to fully disable screen saver?
  60. dhcp3-server
  61. Configuring xorg.conf for nvidia drivers
  62. [Q] automatic logout after X amount of time
  63. How do I Install GRUB2...Faulty GRUB.
  64. apktool not working
  65. KDE question
  66. IRC and irc group
  67. Automated email for failed login attempt
  68. DNS reflection and amplification?
  69. Instantly shutdown
  70. Installing new PC but want to take over my installed packages and settings
  71. Kali Theme for SLiM
  72. Tutorials ???
  73. SSL Login for Forums?
  74. Wordlist generator and remover
  75. Using Kali as main operating system?
  76. [ASK] change GDM theme?
  77. Wordlist Help needed
  78. Using Kali as main operating system?
  79. Hashcat problems
  80. ettercap help and dns
  81. Having trouble arpspoofing more than one target, arpspoof or distro issue?
  82. Kali linux as wifi repeater
  83. Trouble with macchanger
  84. Main Menu "Kali Linux" group scrambles
  85. Top Panel Controls and Launchers
  86. Removing old WINE to install 1.5
  87. Easy-Creds Alert sound?
  88. Is MultiPyInjector Shellcode Injection of the SET working for anyone?
  89. gerix wifi cracker prblem installing
  90. start Metasploit rpcd at system-boot
  91. List of all tools and their functions?
  92. using a guest login
  93. Metasploit starting issue
  94. cracking 5gHz wireless with airodump-ng
  95. Proxychains not working
  96. Change symbolic link colors
  97. Cred Harvester v1.3 (Now with arpspoofing included)
  98. Ettercap target question
  99. Keykeriki on Kali linux
  100. Best netbook for Kali?
  101. I got the method to fix the screenshot error in kalilinux
  102. RFID Cooking with Mifare Classic in kali
  103. Which wifi card is better for Kali? ALFA AWUS036NHA or AWUS036NHR ?
  104. Dual Monitor Configuration Issue: Secondary Display perceived as primary
  105. cannot install dhcp server
  106. Reading a excel Doc on a windows computer server
  107. How to start Android tools like adb and fastboot?
  108. Anyone selling the AWUS052NH in the US or Canada?
  109. New and Blue - one or more blocks devices are holding /dev/dm-0
  110. Com-On-Air Detected
  111. GNOME 3 not working? Confusing?
  112. Wash Doesn't find any Networks
  113. [Working Hardware] ALFA AWUS036H 500mW (Realtek RTL8187L - rtl8187)
  114. [Working Hardware] Linksys WUSB54GC v1 (Ralink 2573 USB - rt73usb)
  115. Recommended USB Wifi Cards for Backtrack (and Kali)
  116. dual band usb adapter recommendations help !
  117. What's your boot time?
  118. metasm in kali
  119. mysql connecter for gcc
  120. Printing From Within the Kali Linux Command Window to an External Printer
  121. Flashplugin-nonfree bug ?
  122. Metasploit module "Java 7u17 Applet Reflection Type Confusion" not found
  123. Fatback and other Forensic Tools
  124. Download Failed continuesly.
  125. Best possible wireless adapter for Kali-linux (PCIE & USB)
  126. how to get the terminal like glass like in BT5?...
  127. Wpa tkip
  128. psad dependency problem (virtual package)
  129. Console Login
  130. Vitrualization?
  131. Sendmail issue with SET (social engineer toolkit)
  132. Disable sleep when laptop lid is closed
  133. how to remove this under bar
  134. Problems with screen size with nvidia driver
  135. openvas can't workable
  136. Installing Google Earth
  137. Themes
  138. instal peach in kali , 4suite-xml lib can't be installed .
  139. installing grub2 customizer
  140. How To Make A Valid Thread
  141. What should and shouldn't be posted in the 'General Use' section of the forum
  142. update exploit-db
  143. How do i get wireshark to run in promiscuous mode in vmware
  144. John the Ripper "NOT FOUND"
  145. Login Password
  146. how to use tweak tool after install?...
  147. SSL Sniff Segmentation Fault
  148. firefox install in kali occur error
  149. Sound disabled and network on VMware and desktop locked on Raspberry
  150. computer language for making networking/security tools
  151. Using Dropbox Within Kali
  152. isc-dhcp-server to make a rouge ap to mitm with no script
  153. Is it possible to download all Kali Security packages from a one-line aptitude call ?
  154. ferret makes huge .pcap files
  155. Change GDM in Kali
  156. hack into my apple computer
  157. fixed channel mon0: -1 issue
  158. Broken AWUS036H
  159. My Desktop Looks Strange
  160. Metasploit meterpreter
  161. MITM redirect only when browsing specific URL?
  162. Login to SSH with public key
  163. DIY google dork tool
  164. WiFi Channel 105?!!
  165. Issue cracking WEP with aireplay-ng with only single wireless client connected to AP
  166. installed kali linux and used wpscan but got an error!
  167. Problem with directory /pentest/passwords/wordlists/darkc0de.lst
  168. ./ configure problem
  169. SET update issue
  170. Metasploit package errors please help
  171. Subterfuge export folder?
  172. Netstat or similar
  173. how set PYTHONPATH ?
  174. Dump CF card using Kali
  175. Suggestions for Wardriving
  176. Offensive Security class
  177. How can I do a backup ISO on Kali?
  178. no mouse?
  179. Iceweasel - upgrade - any working way to have it done?
  180. armitag help
  181. Problém gpg
  182. How to setup file sharing/server between Kali and Windows 7 on dual boot machine.
  183. reverse engineering
  184. Proxychains and Metasploit
  185. Skipfish Can't be able to update to newest version 2.10b
  186. SE-Toolkit Tabnabbing "Exception happened during processing of request from.."
  187. OpenVAS-6 Startup script.
  188. StegDetect Installation Problems
  189. [Q] How to prevent wps lock?
  190. Tor WITHOUT root?
  191. create a payload undetectable
  192. Wireless networking in a VM
  193. Terminal Ctrl + Alt + T. I miss it. How to make keyboard shortcuts.
  194. Screen Resolution Issue (SiS 771/671)
  195. Inflator and Feedingbottle disappeared
  196. Inflator and Feedingbottle disappeared
  197. Google Chrome as Default Web Browser
  198. l2tp vpn
  199. REAVER - non-stop repeating
  200. kali linux default session
  201. Can Kali be used for Android OS development?
  202. Introducing Tor-Buddy
  203. Is Kali for me?
  204. Main Menu
  205. Nmap
  206. NETinVM - 734PB?
  207. Focus follows the mouse
  208. mfoc - segfault
  209. Recommended Bluetooth Hardware?
  210. Installing alfa awus036nh drivers
  211. How do I make my wireless device ignore deauthentication attacks?
  212. Now you see me now you dont - My home LAN.
  213. AWUS036NHR...yet more
  214. How get local mysql password?
  215. [Script] WDrive 2.1 - Android GPS tethering to BT/Kali Linux
  216. [Offtopic] How to compile/install Warzone 2100
  217. Errors in Armitage
  218. SET AV Bypass Techniques
  219. Tapatalk
  220. fierce tool issue
  221. Testing web apps for SQL Injection, XSS, and access control bipass? Kali Tools?
  222. Nvidia GT 650M on kali
  223. Can, kali linux, Db.crypt whats app backup file?
  224. adress ip problem (metasploit, SET)
  225. Need help fast plz, eth0 Wired connection to router with Wifi antenna on it.
  226. SET Issue
  227. how to random a part of password in crunch?
  228. how i can crack rar file !
  229. Problem when trying to update video driver
  230. Rogue acces point creating bridge trouble (Basic)
  231. Sofware Center kali
  232. Tutorials for install privoxy and configure
  233. Rogue AP: Bridge Wlan/at0 instead of eth0/at0
  234. I want to get into Kali but need to complete the basics at first.
  235. Kali Kernel Patching, general questions
  236. Kali Linux Update and Repository Issue
  237. Scan Engine Tunneling (stunnel?)
  238. skype webcam asus
  239. Use a system wide proxy
  240. Double tagging vlan attack agains Procurve Switches
  241. What can pentest 5 ghz Band?
  242. Connect To Internet via Command Line
  243. Problem reinstalling l iceweasel browser
  244. Hydra http-post-form trouble
  245. Speed problem USB WiFi Ralink RT2870/3070 (Yagi turbo antena 007Gti)
  246. Modifying the Default Login Screen
  247. Reaver v1.4 - Failed to associate with [BSSID]
  248. Aircrack-ng not reading wordlist from external hard drive
  249. Kali ToughBook
  250. The best and stable source list