View Full Version : Fixing windows missing arguments error at boot time

2013-03-31, 14:28
Hey Guys, i had this problem then fixed it .... Hope posting it will help somebody :))

I installed Kali, then the windows was unable to boot even though i did everything as it should be done, anyway i had a previous problems with my MBR and edited it so i think that's what did this to my boot menu..

if you see the kali boot menu, with the windows entry, but when chosen it'll give you the following message:

Error: No arguments specified

Press any key to continue...

then here's what you should do (don't know if this is the hard way).
this progress will be devided into two main sections: fixing windows' boot then fixing kali's boot

FIRST: fixing windows' boot:
1- insert win7 installation disk, and boot from it, you may have to edit your boot entries from BIOS
2- goto repair by moving to the screen that says Install now and finding the link at the bottom of the window...
3- choose CMD, then type the following commands:

--> bootrec.exe /fixboot
--> bootrec.exe /fixmbr
--> exit

4- now after rebooting your machine the kali boot menu will be removed and you'll be able to boot into your windows

SECOND: fixing kali's boot and adding a grub menu:
5- reboot your machine and boot from your live kali disk (or usb or whatever) into live kali
6- go to terminal and do the following:
note that the example assumes that you have the following hdd partitons:
sda1 MBR
sda2 Windows7 (or whatever windows you are running)
sda3 data partition or whatever

mkdir /media/sda4
mount /dev/sda4 /media/sda4
mkdir /usr/grub
cp -R /media/sda4/usr/grub/* /usr/grub/
cp /media/sda4/usr/sbin/grub* /usr/sbin/
cp /media/sda4/usr/bin/grub* /usr/bin/
cd /usr/sbin/
./grub-install --root-directory=/media/sda4 /dev/sda

note that you may have to 'chmod' everything you moved, you'll figure it out if you had any errors
it should say that everything completed without errors :))
just reboot your machine and everything should be ok ;)