View Full Version : Problem initializing Nexpose database on NTFS partition

2013-04-01, 18:09
So I tried installing Nexpose on my laptop running Kali Linux when all of a sudden the database says "status 0" over and over again.

After researching the problem I assumed it was a port problem caused by a conflict with the postgresql database running for the metasploit framework console. I changed the ports so that it wouldn't conflict, however I was still getting the status 0 loop...

After uinstalling and reinstalling multiples times on multiple ports, I tried replicating my build on a virtual machine. To my surprise I was able to install it no problem on my virtual machine!

The issue was that I was trying to install it on an NTFS partition. The moment I switched to my ext4 partition, the database finished to initalize.

I just wanted to post this in case someone else has this error on their NTFS partitions!