View Full Version : Making Windows 7 default boot on dual boot install

2013-05-20, 01:08
How, oh how, can I make Windows 7 the default loader option on a dual boot install?

I have search the BT5 forums and now these forums but I cannot seem to find a clear answer. My installation:

1st Partition: Windows 7 64bit using 490GB
2nd Partition: Kali using 10GB

Grub is the obvious dual booter, but when I reboot my machine how can I access GRUBs settings? Once I boot into Kali, it's like GRUB doesn't exist?

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. Hoping someone knows the way..

2013-05-20, 22:33
When you install Kali in the Graphical Install, the very last option of the install is when it installs Grub bootloader. If the Windows bootloader is on your system it should mention it and ask if you want to keep Windows as the default bootloader or replace it. Just choose to keep it and you should be good. If you have any problems getting back into Kali after that, which you shouldn't if you're using an internal HD, just download EasyBCD inside windows and setup your boot configuration as u like it.

2013-05-21, 02:10
Or you could do it the easy way and learn how to modify GRUB2 settings. Google GRUB2 configuration... I'll even do you one better: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2
Read that, then you should have the knowledge to set Windows 7 as the default option. If you still can't do it, come back, ask specific questions and I'll be happy to provide help.

Good luck!

EDIT: Read this as well, it's more applicable to what you want to do: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/CustomMenus

2013-05-25, 16:17
Try to avoid any easy pretty tiny etc etc app..Work with linux, work with GRUB.

Just do not touch the /boot/grub/grub.cfg, instead use the grub templates..What you want to do is located at /etc/default/grub and after modifying it, run update-grub. Then reboot.

Daedalus is giving you the link, I just show you what part that you need to modify..But as stated by him, READ all..


2013-05-25, 18:04
apt-get install startup-manager -------------------------you can also find it in synaptic package manager

2013-05-26, 23:36
apt-get install startup-manager -------------------------you can also find it in synaptic package manager

I would not recommend it as he may "castrate" his "Mind". Do not get me wrong but avoid any "Auto", "1 click", "easy and quick" app.

Again, do as Daedalus is posting. READ if you want to learn. And use the GRUB templates.