View Full Version : Alternative Way to install Kali, if downloaded ISO's are corrupted

2013-04-02, 01:17
This is just a quick post... for all of those who keep saying that no matter how many times they burn a cd, or create a live usb installer, the install process fails, you are missing a third and quite successful (in my experience) install option. The mini ISO option. If you keep getting corrupted DVDs and USBs, just whip up one of the mini ISO installs and let the installer download required materials, that way you don't need to worry about the "corrupted images" as some people have been complaining about. My ASUS G75VW (pain in the you-know-what) installed quickly and easily using this method, as did all the rest of the systems I was required to throw this on. Before posting an issue with your install method, use another method -try harder!

2013-04-04, 21:54
Thank you so much for this post, I just started a thread having this exact problem. I'll give this a shot and post up with the results!