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2022-11-22, 06:11
I have a Thinkpad T480 running Kali on KDE Plasma.
I'd like to use the built-in fingerprint reader to log in to the computer instead of typing the password.

Does anyone know how to do it?

(Kali doesn't have an option to enable fingerprint reader to logging unlike Ubuntu.)


Fred Sheehan
2022-12-21, 16:56
You can add it from the Ubuntu Repos;


2023-03-02, 16:45
To enable the fingerprint reader on your Thinkpad T480 running Kali with KDE Plasma, you will need to install the required packages and configure the system to recognize the fingerprint reader.

Here are the steps you can follow:

Install the required packages:

fprintd: a fingerprint authentication daemon

libpam-fprintd: PAM module for fingerprint authentication

You can install these packages by running the following command in the terminal:

csharpCopy codesudo apt-get install fprintd libpam-fprintd

Enroll your fingerprint:

Run the following command to enroll your fingerprint:

Copy codefprintd-enroll

Follow the instructions to enroll your fingerprint. You will need to swipe your finger a few times to complete the enrollment process.

Configure PAM to use fingerprint authentication:

Open the PAM configuration file for the login manager in a text editor using the following command:

bashCopy codesudo nano /etc/pam.d/sddm

Add the following line to the beginning of the file:

Copy codeauth sufficient pam_fprintd.so

Save the file and exit the text editor.

Restart the login manager:

Restart the login manager for the changes to take effect by running the following command:

Copy codesudo systemctl restart sddm

After completing these steps, you should be able to log in to your computer using your fingerprint.