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2013-04-02, 19:57
Great work on Kali! Love it so far.

I am, however, unable to use all of the nautilus scripts that I have made and use on every other distro. I am not sure, but I think I even had them working on Backtrack 5r3.

Is there something different to using them on Kali, or is this just not going to work? I can live without them, but I put so much time and effort into setting those up for several tasks, especially for wordlists.


searched Google to the best of my abilities as well as hte Kali Forums

verified all scripts were executable (other distros will not show the nautilus-scripts unless they are executable)
tried placing them where I did in Mint, Ubuntu, and other similar distros.

tried placing them in the var/share/nautilus-scripts folder

thank you for any help

2013-04-03, 20:49
What type pf scripts are?..what thety do and how are you installing them in other distros..
Please post info.