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2013-04-02, 20:40
I was thinking about trying KDE. Im using a standard gnome install of kali. Am I correct to assume I can just "apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop" then logout and select it?

Also, I've reverted to the classic backtack command prompt login style. So when I login I enter "gdm3" to start gnome. Is there a similar command for starting KDE?

2013-04-03, 16:21
yes you can...that's what i did (creds go to D4rk-50ld13r)

1) apt-get install gdebi && apt-get install synaptic
2) apt-get install software-center
3) apt-get install kde-full

i did full because i have it as my only OS, and not dual boot.
once done reboot, and on the login screen you can select kde or gnome

i also removed network manager and set wicd as the default (had issues with networkmanager and spoofing my mac address)



2013-04-03, 20:29
Thanks nix :]