View Full Version : Kali & Hyper-V 2008 R2 - can't ping/connect outside external vswitch

2013-04-03, 14:46

Just installed Kali on a Hyper-V host running 2008 R2. Everything went fine but I can't seen to get any network connectivity outside the virtual switch. I can ping another VM on the vswitch, but can't ping or connect to anything external to the Hyper-V host. The other VM on the same vswitch works fine.

- I have tried replacing the network adapter in the Kali guest configuration with a 'Legacy Network Adapter' without any luck
- I tried giving it different IPs without any luck

From what I gather Kali is built on a debian core, and M$ doesn't support debian for their Linux Intergration Services package.

This is being built on a production server so I have to wait before I can upgrade the NIC drivers in the host.

Hoping someone might be able to give me a nudge in the right direction (alas ESX(i) is not an option).


2013-04-04, 13:27
Turns out it was related to a Hyper-V bug. Further testing with additional VMs on the same vSwitch also had problems. By disabling and reenabling the 'Offload' settings in the NIC properties used by the vSwitch I was able to temporarily restore network access. It is a patching/driver related issue.