View Full Version : Kali usb boot RAM disk

Snake Plissken
2023-01-11, 17:11
How do I modify the Live USB boot RAM disk size?


Fred Sheehan
2023-01-23, 01:17
why? the live boot RAM disk is a loopback device only used to bootstrap the main OS..
Once the system is running the initial RAM disk is gone..

2023-05-08, 05:09
Boot your Live USB and access the command line. This can typically be done by pressing a key during the boot process to access the boot menu and selecting "Boot to command line" or "Boot to terminal."

Once you have accessed the command line, you will need to locate the RAM disk file. The location of this file can vary depending on the Linux distribution you are using, but it is typically located in the /boot directory.

Once you have located the RAM disk file, you will need to extract it using the "cpio"
Once the RAM disk file has been extracted, you will need to modify the "init" script to change the RAM disk size.
Once you have modified the "init" script, you will need to rebuild the RAM disk file using the "find" and "cpio" commands.
Finally, you will need to replace the original RAM disk file with the newly created one. This can typically be done by copying the new RAM disk file to the /boot directory and renaming it to the original file name.