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2013-04-04, 08:33

If i click the shutdown button (root-shutdown) and wait it will take 60 seconds to shutdown.

How can i change that waiting time?

is there any way to turn off instantly like when you cut the power with one click or key combination?

Sorry my bad english, and thanks for any help.

2013-04-04, 22:37
shutdown -h now
It's not instant, but it's quick enough. Why would you want to simulate cutting the power? It's not exactly good for the machine.

2013-04-06, 10:34
I know that command but in kali i think its faster to just click root-shutdown-shutdown.

But i was thinking in somethinng faster for an emergency

2013-04-06, 12:35
halt ang you can leave ...

2013-04-07, 05:26
Several variables will affect shutdown speed. One way to speed up, is to prevent many services from running at startup. Also, have an SSD drive instead of a HDD drive is like the difference between night and day. I am partial as daedalus suggested to "shutdown -h now" command. For an emergency though, that's a good question, perhaps not a full shutdown but a suspend command might be faster?

2013-04-07, 12:38
I have tried shutdown -h ,That you can't compare with " HALT"
TRY and post result.all is stoped fast and safe.( in my opinion after read all msg which are dispayed behind command).

2013-04-12, 11:04
I've only used
shutdown -h now and it takes a few seconds since it prepares my persistent usb.