View Full Version : Installing new PC but want to take over my installed packages and settings

2013-04-04, 09:59

I am running Kali on my notebook which is pretty well configured. Is there a way to take over all installed packages or extract them that I can install them on a new PC?


2013-04-04, 12:07
search google for remastersys ... it is a tool which will compose an iso of your current system, with settings and everything that you choose to include... you can then burn the iso to a usb with UNenbootin and install it wherever you want..... with remastersys the iso can only be 4g max... so you may have to sacrifice some things, backup the bulk of you stuff to a dvd or cloud then delete it before composing the iso if need be.

2013-04-07, 14:26
Thanks, will give a try

2013-04-14, 06:02
Clonezilla also works great for backing up and restoring partitions. It's never a bad idea to keep a live install of Clonezilla on a USB drive that you keep with you. Comes in extremely handy for things of this nature and the live install takes up less than 200mb

2013-04-18, 21:16
I haven't got the time to try remastersys but thanks again for the tip. also clonezilla is my favourite backup utility

but exactly I was looking for this kind of way:

get all your packages which are installed and save them under a file:

# dpkg --get-selections > installed.conf

on the new system copy a backup of installed.conf and then:

# dpkg --set-selections < installed.conf
# apt-get install dselect
# dselect


for me it was working like a charm! all my packages from a previous installation of kali are now on my new system :)