View Full Version : Nvidia 460 gtx install driver + nvidia-settings black screen

2013-04-04, 10:39
thank u for the great forum support here,
i got a new computer, installed kali and everything perfectly,
got to the nvidia driver, too much info and different ways on the web, i got lost but one of the ways actually worked,
think the driver got installed correctly, but i got this massage
the nvidia driver is not yet configured it needs to be enabled in xorg.conf before it can be used

anyway i rebooted, graphics seemed to get better,
then i installed nvidia-settings using apt-get install
black screen
tried everything to fix it including deleting xorg.conf file, didn't work because there was no xorg.conf file at etc/*/X11/

anyway i reinstalled kali linux,

i used this

after i stopped the gnome interface using /etc/init.d/gdm3 stop
installed nvidia
i log in into the single user page, not gnome

the following code:
/etc/init.d/gdm3 start

fail starting gnomr fisplay manager: gdm3 failed!

now i'm lost :(

2013-04-04, 13:46
after smashing the keyboard with every code i see,
remove power plug,
it worked, thanks for reading this :)

2013-07-27, 09:14
Hey please tell me how did you do to make it work i got exactly the same problem, i installed nvidia drivers and now i don't get the gdm3 ( in fact the reason when you type gdm3 start it fails it's because it's already started!! I tried gdm3 stop and then gdm3 start and it worked, but i still get a blank screen). So please help it's been 5 days that i'm stuck on this!!!

2013-08-28, 03:30
I used this:

It worked once I followed the directions completely and correctly. I did it wrong a couple times (missed a step) and it did what yours is doing. Also, make sure you get the newest nvidia driver from nvidia since the older ones from the beginning of the year had issues.