View Full Version : Grub - Invalid Signatures when trying to boot into Windows

2013-04-04, 19:16
I attempted to dual boot with my existing Windows installation and followed the step-by-step tutorial with a minor exception: I skipped the gparted process since I already had a partition that I was going to delete.
I went through the rest of the installer and manually confiigured the partition, deleting my Snowleopard Hackintosh and formatting it to work with Linux.
Afterwards the rest of the installation was simple and provided no errors. During the manually configuration, it recognized all my device drives: Windows EFI, Windows 7, and my Snowleopard Installations.
After installation, Grub didn't recognize the Windows Installation, no big deal, this happened before when I was using Ubuntu and Windows XP (a while ago), and I just configured the grub to set it up accordingly.
However after correctly locating and configuring Grub to load Windows, all I get is "Invalid Signatures. Press any key to continue".
I've yet to find out what the problem is, unless somehow the Windows partition got corrupted. Lead point is that Windows 7 disk doesn't recongize it (which it might not since the disk OEM and not SP1 that I have installed).
Any suggestions and help would be appreciated. Worse comes to worse, I'll just reformat but I need to get several folders off of there before that if I can.