View Full Version : Kali menu hanged :( help please

Gr4nD T3R0R
2013-04-04, 20:07
rm -r .local/share/applications
rm -r .config/menus
Hello i just installd Qbittorent and added tor browser in internet now it hanged up plz help me fix it
its second time it happens to me
previous time i have reinstalled kali :( i dont want to do it again please someone help me
i had to wait 2 hours until kali updates and ....

THE KALI MENU IS GONE :((((((((( THE KALI ToOLs everything from kali menu went to other menu

sorry for my bad english :)

2013-04-05, 05:59
Gr4nD T3R0R, Good job on fixing your issue. And Thank you for also putting up your fix, just in case others run into the same issue.