View Full Version : How to package a librizin-cutter-dev required to solve issue 0008168

2023-02-06, 06:56
This question is more about finding the best approach for Kali than the technical solution itself for https://bugs.kali.org/view.php?id=8168

I am in the process of preparing a deb package to solve issue 0008168, this is about integrating the missing rz-ghidra plugin for rizin package in Kali.
This plugin can be compiled for rizin only or for both rizin and cutter.

To build the rz-plugin for Cutter, we need the cutter headers installed.
While rizin defines also the librizin-dev package, this is not the same for the rizin-cutter package.

So the first thing would be to edit the rizin-cutter package to also define a librizin-cutter-dev as other distros have done to solve the same issue.
The first question here is: should we file another bug for that or should we get in touch with the maintainers?

The second question is about making this optional.
The user could potentially install only rizin, or Cutter and rizin together.
In this sense, it would be a good idea to let the user choose to compile the plugin for rizin only or for both.
So the question is: should we create two separate packages like rz-ghidra and rz-ghidra-cutter or should we make a single package with a conditional step that checks if cutter is installed?