View Full Version : Kali 2022.4 / GLIBC 2.31 versus GLIBC 2.36

2023-02-13, 19:07

I think I'm posting in the right part of the forum, if not, I'm sorry.

I would like some help on a question from GLIBC.

Following a subscription to Cyberghost vpn, I learned through support that the cyberghost vpn module has kali compatibility but only 2019/2020. Kali versions seem to have issues and are not supported by Cyberghost.
I will not go into the description of the story here but I stress that this information is not public on the site. If you want more information with CyberGhost support, I will gladly do so.

The version of Kali that I use is Kali release: 2022.4 / kali-rolling and therefore not supported by CyberGhost. Cyberghost support points to the fact that GLIBC version 2.36 is incompatible. Only GLIBC 2.29/2.30/2.31 versions are compatible with Cyberghostvpn.

My question is it possible to install GLIBC 2.31 in cohabitation with GLIBC 2.36 in order to satisfy the requirements of Cyberghostvpn?

If yes, a little help would be welcome ;-)

Thanks in advance


Fred Sheehan
2023-03-19, 17:12
Having both on a system can be done, but you would be better off removing the one you don't want and only installing the version you need.

sudo apt purge <name of unwanted>