View Full Version : SSH Behind a Firewall? (Without PortForwarding)

2023-02-14, 09:48
Hi All!

I wonder if anyone can advise on any free software?

Is there an application out there that will allow me to SSH into a Raspberry Pi 4 (Kali ARM64) from behind a firewall, without setting up a port-forward?

I've heard AnyDesk allows something similar by creating a tunnel (but it doesn't work with ARM64 currently).

I've also read recommendations for Tailscale - which will create a VPN between me and the RPI - then I'd SSH through there? Seems Tailscale also doesn't have an ARM64 .deb yet.

Any ideas? :confused:


Fred Sheehan
2023-02-19, 02:43
If you want to connect to the Pi via SSH then you will need the Pi to be listening on a port..