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2023-02-22, 09:26
I just installed kali on my machine few days ago, and when I wanted to set the proxy using some binary file that could be executed from any other linux distro (like linux mint) but it doesn't work SYSTEM-WIDE, or globally.

I thought that was because the desktop environment since in linux mint, the cinnamon edition, the VPN file worked smoothly without any particular tweaks. So I changed the DE of kali from xfce4 to cinnamon by typing "sudo apt install cinnamon" in the terminal. However, it didn't work.

With some googling, I continued add some details in my /etc/bash.bashrc: export https_proxy="" and hoped it would work at next time I login. Unfortunately, it didn't work again.

What I need: A setting in GUI or files that can apply my VPN to all commands in terminal, other tools in kali. (global proxy setting)
P.S: I install proxychains, but I hate to type it each time with another command.

So how I can do about this? Help me, plz >__<

If you need additional information, feel free to ask about that.

Fred Sheehan
2023-03-02, 01:11
Mint is based on Ubuntu which is NOT binary compatible with Debian even though its based on it. the DE makes no difference. Proxychains are the way to do this!

You also have to alter the apt.conf file as well as bashrc