View Full Version : Kali-Dark theme update

2023-02-22, 10:48
IMO the kali themes need some tweaking. If you like to pin or shade windows, and have the appropriate controls added in your title bar, they look out of place, because they haven't been adapted.
Further, if you have all five up there, and you'd follow the precise styling in use in the default kali theme, you'd have a well visible close button (nothing wrong with that), accompanied by up to four empty bubbles over which you have to hover, to figure out what they do.

I fixed two things:
a) I properly styled the pin and shade buttons
b) I made the icons permanently visible, but appropriately toned down, depending on whether the window is active or not.

If you want to take it for a spin, the theme is attached as a user theme, so you can expand the file directly into your home folder, and it should work.

There remain issues, though: obviously analog changes should be made to the light, dark-purple, light-purple, and all corresponding hi-dpi themes.

To actually edit the resources in the bitmap editor is rather cumbersome. I'd expect that someone has SVG files or something similar, for the resources, that could be much more easily edited, which I'd be happy to do, to provide a set of alternate themes.

Of course, even better would be, if such changes could be rolled into the Kali theme that's distributed.


Due to forum upload size limits, here a download link: