View Full Version : MacBook Air keeps freezing with any 6.x kernel

2023-02-22, 11:02
Got an old MBA 11" (2GB RAM, 64GB SSD), which I got and was useless for any modern incarnation of macOS.
So I decided to make it a light Kali laptop. Aside from being somewhat slow due to having to use a small USB stick to store home folder, etc. due to lack of space on the tiny SSD, this works perfectly, incl. encrypted disks, etc. (Unkaputbar and encrypted disk, haven't figured out that combination yet, particularly not without fresh install...) In short, almost all is well...

...except: as soon as I run this under any 6.x linux kernel, somewhere between minutes to (if lucky) hours, the system simply freezes, permanently (even waiting e.g. over night doesn't unfreez it).
It doesn't crash, but just freezes to the point where all one can do is a forced reboot.

This doesn't and didn't happen under the 5.x linux kernels (at most, if taxed with the little 2GB RAM, it might get unresponsive for a few seconds, and then continue chugging along.)

Does anyone have an idea what might cause it, and how to fix it?

I'm currently running 5.19.0-kali2-amd64/5.19.11-1kali2 without problems, but eventually I'd like to use WireGuard, and as far as I can tell, that requires a 6.x version of the kernel to run efficiently.

Fred Sheehan
2023-03-19, 17:05
That sounds like a now 'in kernel' driver is not playing nice with your hardware.. You would need to look at your logs to find what the process or driver was when it stopped responding.