View Full Version : Ventoy How To Install (Linux)(Debian)

2023-02-26, 11:19

This is a how to install Ventoy (The best ISO installation method for Linux and Windows Operating Systems)
1. Go to https://www.ventoy.net/en/download.html
2. Download Linux tar.gz file it will take you to github and you will scroll down to "Assets" and click tar.gz file.
3. Extract file right click and "Extract/Extract Here"
4. Go to the folder of Ventoy-1.0.88 and read the README file if you need too.
5. Open a Terminal and cd into Ventoy-1.0.88
6. bash command or execute file VentoyWeb.sh Following command for Debian ./VentoyWeb.sh
6.1. IF it won't let you execute use chmod +x VentoyWeb.sh Then follow Step 6 again.
7. Follow the link in the terminal and it will lead you to the installation Click "Install" after you pick your USB Thumb Drive.
8. Done.