View Full Version : Raspberry Pi Cluster with Kali host

2023-03-07, 07:32
G'day everyone

Hoping someone would shed some light over the school project I am working on. I am building a 4 node Raspi cluster that will be eventually used as a honeypot for research purposes for my capstone project. I am wondering if having Kali installed on the host machine and Raspbian on the 4 nodes, with a different honeypot sensor on each one of them. Would I be able to set up Kali to talk to the other 4 nodes through MHN, or host and bodes have to have the same OS on them?


Fred Sheehan
2023-03-12, 18:09
If you set up your devices to use common network protocols to connect and transfer data, they can have any OS on them that supports it, and they all do.