View Full Version : Need help Building Ulefone Armor 13 Kernel

2023-03-11, 17:17
Hi I need help building my Armor 13 kernel for nethunter, same thing happens in nethunter builder or with proton-clang, i get the same errors
and I cant find a fix on the internet, do someone have a solution? thanks


Fred Sheehan
2023-04-04, 22:15
This is the error you need to fix first;

grep: .config: No such file or directory

it NEEDS a .config file, this tells it how to set up the kernel!
when building systems, you take each error as it comes and fix that, and then try again etc until it compiles with no errors!

have a look at this;

Fred Sheehan
2023-04-04, 22:18
The only relevent bit is this;

The Linux kernel configuration is usually found in the kernel source in the file: /usr/src/linux/.config . It is not recommended to edit this file directly but to use one of these configuration options:

make config - starts a character based questions and answer session

make menuconfig - starts a terminal-oriented configuration tool (using ncurses)

make xconfig - starts a X based configuration tool