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2013-04-05, 21:32
Hi everybody :)

Anyone can open the web browser (Debian sensible Browser) on raspberry pi?
mine always gives error :mad:

"Failed to execute default web broweser/ input/output error."

Anyone know how to solve this ?


2013-04-07, 00:26
I've been getting this exact error on my Chromebook. I did finally get it to connect to my network, but the browser doesn't want to come up still.

2013-04-08, 23:52
My situation is the same, could connect me to the internet, but the browser does not work, which becomes very boring.

Nobody knows how to solve the problem?

(Sorry for my english)

2013-04-10, 17:56
apt-get install iceweasel

Or you could install Firefox or whatever browser you want. Just make sure you have enough space for whatever you install.