View Full Version : install VM KVM from a usb key

2023-03-15, 19:03
i have a usb bootable on Windows10 (i tested it and it works)
i have installed QEMU/KVM and so virt-manager

how can i use my usb key when creating the VM to boot on the usb key


2023-10-12, 08:55
Hi trazomtg (https://forums.kali.org/member.php?27213-trazomtg) here i will show the way to boot usb key follow the points:- Open virt-manager and click the "New Virtual Machine" button. In the "Installation Source" window, select "Local install media (CDROM / DVD / ISO image)" and click "Forward". In the "Select Installation Media" window, click the "Browse" button and select your Windows 10 USB drive. Click "Forward" and continue creating the VM as normal. Once the VM has been created, right-click on it and select "Edit". In the "Edit Virtual Machine" window, click the "Hardware" tab. Under the "Bus" section, click the "Add Device" button and select "USB Controller". Click the "USB Port" tab and select your Windows 10 USB drive from the list of devices. Click "OK" to close the "Add Device" window. Click "OK" to close the "Edit Virtual Machine" window. To boot the VM from the USB drive, simply right-click on it and select "Start".