View Full Version : Successful build, but with errors...

2023-03-15, 23:07
I'm just a hobbyist and this is my first time compiling a kernel. I'm attempting to port my Oneplus N10 - sm6350
I'm not hip to much of the git versioning lingo, commits etc., so I'm just git cloning the kernel source to my home folder, and then cloning the nethunter builder inside the kernel directory.
I went through and made the edits detailed in the Nethunter guide, with the exception of the DVB related items which I am unable to find in the locations mentioned.
I just wondered if someone might help me make sense of these errors, and if some errors like these are normal, or things that must be addressed.
I wasnt too sure about the local.config file, so I used the local.config.example file that only has the EDITOR listed, so the actual config file can run suggested toolchains and clang.Should I be using a Qualcomm toolchain?
Much obliged in advance for anyones advice5254