View Full Version : ss808 WiFi problem

2013-05-21, 04:51
Hello so i flashed my ss808 and booted to it fine i could even pick up Wifi in moniter mode i just can't associate with the acess points... Any suggestions?
It was just a range issue, worked fine after following the directions from http://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?270-ss808-mk808-problems-with-WiFi-%28bcm40181-rtl8187%29

However the wl driver for the internal card will not allow me to SSH to it however i can ssh out to my other server has anyone found a fix for this ?

2013-06-03, 05:06
i have so far been able to ssh to my SS808 via the onboard chip but only over lan or as the AP during wireless. However i cannot get my awus036h to connect to the same acesspoints as my internal chip. very weird. i needed to make a power inejection cable for it to work properly and have found that the ss808 can source about 300 mA max