View Full Version : Careful with default partition sizes

2013-03-14, 21:32
Just did an install with encrypted VLM (probably irrelevant to the issue) using option to create separate partitions for /, /home, /usr, /var, /tmp. Disk size is 160GB. I took the default partition sizes and root is at 100% upon boot. /usr is at 72%. Time reinstall....

2013-03-15, 03:28
Yes, this is the most valueable before locate disk,
be carefull of this step

2013-03-15, 05:06
Thank you for the information. After doing a backup of some 200GB's I will also be doing a full format and reinstall. My plan is to partition the hard drive into 3. 2x80GB partitions, one for Kali, and the other for windows, and then 300+- GB's for storage. I tried earlier with a previous install of Windows and BackTrack, but Windows ran into problems because of the many partitions I already had on the disk. (For some reason I believe Windows thought I was using a raid system).
Will install Windows first, then Kali.

2013-03-15, 06:38
What did you wanted to convey with this thread?

2013-03-15, 22:36
What did you wanted to convey with this thread?

If you are referring to my original post, then:

1) warning that the defaults for this could cause one a problem
2) perhaps the installer defaults for this option can be adjusted in the distro

Just reinstalled with one large / partition, but away from the host so I don't have the directory sizes handy to post right now. Perhaps someone else can add that info.