View Full Version : SSL Login for Forums?

2013-04-06, 14:44
Has there been any thought to providing HTTPS/SSL for login on the forums?


2013-04-07, 05:23
https is already part of the forums. But doesn't seem to be implemented natively (is that the right word?). However, I use a plugin "HTTPs Finder, and HTTPs Everwhere " to force SSL connections globally if the website supports it. Using that I get the nice "https://forums...." Hope it helps. :)

2013-04-07, 18:35
I can't get it to work with Chromium and the HTTPS Everywhere extension from the EFF.

HTTPS really should be enabled by default, at the very least for the login process. I thought a bunch of InfoSec gurus that put together a pentesting distro would be a bit more paranoid.