View Full Version : Does it make sense to work with an Apple M1 chip as a penetration tester ?

2023-03-31, 08:36
It seems that i now and then encounter problem when working with the Kali VM where the Host system is MacOS with an M1 chip.
For example i tried to run a 64-bit ELF binary in a Kali terminal and i get the error message
zsh: exec format error: I also tried to run it in a bash terminal, same issue.

But my question in general is more in regards to if it makes sense as a penetration tester to work with an M1 chip or will i encounter more and more problems due to lack of M1 support ?

Fred Sheehan
2023-04-04, 02:50
M1 chip needs an ARM kali, choose pinebook version

2023-04-13, 11:35
There is an ISO for Apple M1 Silicon ARM to download on the official Kali web page.
Shouldn't be that one the right one ?