View Full Version : Build-script error ARM RADXA ZERO - "unit ssh.service does not exist"

2023-06-23, 10:40
Hi everyone. Can someone help me solve this issue?

I've successfully build a Kali Radxa Zero image, following instructions in;

- https://www.kali.org/docs/arm/radxa-zero-sdcard/
- https://gitlab.com/kalilinux/build-scripts/kali-arm

So far, so good. I've got a working *.img file from script, without errors;

$ cd ~/
$ git clone https://gitlab.com/kalilinux/build-scripts/kali-arm
$ cd ~/kali-arm/
$ sudo ./common.d/build_deps.sh
$ sudo ./radxa-zero-sdcard.sh

Problem arises when I try to build --SLIM or --MINIMAL image (no GUI) with;

$ sudo ./radxa-zero-sdcard.sh --slim

I'm getting error, "Failed to enable unit, unit ssh.service does not exist"

info: Loading answer for 'sslh/inetd_or_standalone'
info: Trying to set 'atftpd/use_inetd' [boolean] to 'false'
info: Loading answer for 'atftpd/use_inetd'
✅ Stage 3 (7/24): Copy all services
✅ Stage 3 (8/24): Enable SSH service
Failed to enable unit, unit ssh.service does not exist.
./common.d/functions.sh: line 52: pop_var_context: head of shell_variables not a function context
Cleaning up
Unmount filesystem...
umount: /home/m21/kali-arm/base/radxa-zero-emmc-slim-arm64/root/boot: no mount point specified.
Cleaning up the temporary build files...

Final time: 6 minutes 35 seconds

My system is Linux Kali 2023.2, last updates. Without params (--slim or --minimal) it builds with no problems.

How can I fix it? Thanks in advance!