View Full Version : Fresh install of Kali "Everything" 64bit, ClamAV says I'm infected.

2023-06-24, 00:43
Hello group,

I know Kali is for pentesting and had exploits and junk contained within the installation... I'm not surprised that ClamAV says I have 1371 infected files on a fresh clean install, only upgraded and the TP-Link WiFi drivers and NVIDIA drivers installed.

My question is, since there are "viruses" on my system, how can I run ClamAV in the future to scan for viruses that may have maliciously infected my system? Is there a way to exclude the "kali included exploit viruses" during a ClamScan so the scan only detects something that is NOT suppose to be there?



Fred Sheehan
2023-08-27, 22:46
the av is a tool to use on other machines, not your own kali install... it aint windows.. :)

2023-09-02, 03:25
Take your fresh install and list everything safe. If you get warnings from a new download or random then start looking at where it?s at and what it is.