View Full Version : Can't install Kali at all

2013-04-09, 06:44
Alright for starters, I have a Sony Vaio E series running windows 8 (don't know if that matters).

I've tried installing Kali on a VM but it never detects the .iso file so the install never completes. After trying that what seems like 1000 times, I tried to boot it from a USB but whenever I try to boot to Kali, I get an error message saying, "Operating system not found".

I'm new to all of this and after trying those, I have absolutely no clue as to why I can't run this on my laptop. Really hoping you guys can help me out here :/

2013-04-10, 18:04
About USB boot, you shoul refer to the wiki, it is quite easy to do the USB live.

Make sure the iso sha1 is correct, then check if USB is fine as to any issues (bad sectors or blocks), if in doubt, reformat it to FAT32.

As to the VM, again, you make sure of integrity of ISO, check the sha1.