View Full Version : List of hardware that causes issues during install

2013-03-15, 03:41
Or suspected:

SSD hard drives and kb/mouse (usb) issues
MMC readers may cause similar..

atheros wifi may cause black screen with discrete gpu (boot net first and let pxe time out and hit tab and change video to 771 seems to fix)

having all three with no cdrom causes cdrom detection to fail during install process.

not using dd under linux and unetbootin causes panic or dump (or similar) on like systems

2013-03-15, 16:47
2 different graphics cards, for example graphics processor and external graphics card.
make black screen.
Circumvention go into BIOS and graphics card device under the 2nd option to take.
anschliesend black man can get away behben screen and the problem because the system normally boots and starts. :)