View Full Version : Toshiba Portege Issues

2013-04-09, 15:23
Trying to boot into kali via usb stick but keep getting 'Cannot open Display'

I know there was issues with this laptop and BT5 and am just wondering if there is a cure for Kali?


2013-04-10, 17:51
It seems to be a xauthority issue. Try this and see if it works:

When you get this error, go to the termina tty 1 to 6 (Not the tty7 since it runs the xserver): press Ctl+Alt+F1 (F2, F3, up to F6)

Once there, in text mode, type this : xhost + (allow any users to acces xserver)

You will see a message, after that message, at login, write the login (root) and then it will ask for the passwd, type your password, once loged in, start the x's: startx

See if this works...There could be an issue with the permissions to access the xserver.

2013-04-10, 18:41
'go to the termina tty 1 to 6'

How do I do this Pal?

2013-04-12, 21:39
Ctl + Atl + F1 (tty1)

Ctl + Atl + F2 (tty2)

and so on..Use any of them..For example I use tty1: Ctl + Atl + F1